The Time Has Come, My Little Friends, To Talk of Other Things


Hello, hello! Yes, my last Paleo post was in August of last year, and though I’ve had an inner debate as to whether or not I’d continue this specific blogging journey, I’ve resigned to the fact that this phase has run its course for me. Quitter? Maybe (I’m also also 14 days smoke-free today so put that in your pipe and … uh … smoke it). Over the last six months there have been LOTS of changes in my personal life: got engaged (!), bought a house, went on a decorating and organizing bender, took on new part-time work in addition to my nutty full-time position, got another kitten, traveled, and more … there’s been nothing paleo about my lifestyle for a while. Rather than force myself back …

DorothyThe Time Has Come, My Little Friends, To Talk of Other Things

Dorothy’s Whole30: FULL RECAP

Everyone’s Whole30 is going to be different, and your first might be different from your third, but there are certainly some common themes that have come to light as people around the world have given Whole30 a shot. Whole30’s Official Timeline sums up what you can expect very nicely, and even manages to interject some humor through the rough parts. I tried to chronicle my experience throughout the Whole30 phases, and have put my WHOLE Whole30 into one neat little spot for you, just in case you’re curious. Happy Whole30’ing, everyone! Have you done a Whole30? What was your experience like? Please let us know below, we love comments. :)

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: FULL RECAP

Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 26-30


I suppose I should start off with some somber music before I dive into what I’m about to tell you. Go ahead and click play, adjust your speakers or headphones, and allow the music to enhance your reading experience. I’ll wait. All set? Have I selected the song due to the Whole30 being over? Yes and no – it’s over … but it was over earlier than it should have been. It’s time to put on the Big Girl Pants and talk to you readers like the adult with free-will that I am … On Day 26, Jeanie and I had reservations with the boys for Restaurant Week. RESTAURANT WEEK, PEOPLE! Of course when I accepted the invitation, the thought was to go and enjoy …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 26-30

Jeanie’s Whole30 Days 24-28 Rewind


The Mental & the Physical Days 24-27: Tiger Blood! Day 28: 28 is as good as 30…right? I may possibly be a bad girl.  Might even be considered naughty.  Disobedient and wicked if you really want to get technical about it.  Before you break out the torches and pitchforks, I have an extremely flimsy excuse to relay. Image: Business 2 Community My favoritest band ever Linkin Park was playing this week.  AND the last two Whole30 Challenges have been during the Washington, DC Restaurant Week.  AND AND AND damnit, I’m adult and I’ve already done 6 of these challenges and for me Paleo is a lifestyle choice, not a 30 day hit and run. See I told you it was flimsy.  *sigh* For the typical person, around Day 28 …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Days 24-28 Rewind

Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 20-25


Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ’bout! I waited and waited for what seemed like forever, and finally the Tiger Blood began coursing through my veins again. With all this energy, you would have thought I’d have had time to put up a proper post at some point, wouldn’t you? Say what you will, but I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished over Days 20-25. Let’s see, shall we? It’s so strange to me that this phase truly can feel like a light switch has just flipped – one day you’re puttering along doing just fine but wondering why you aren’t feeling fantastic yet, and the next you are so busy  accomplishing a multitude of tasks in a single bound that you don’t even have time to …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 20-25

Jeanie’s Whole30 Days 16-23 Rewind

Where did it go?

The Mental & the Physical Days 16-23: Tiger Blood! Dear Whole 30, Where. In. The. Hell. Is. The Tiger. Blood?!?! Sincerely, Me. *sigh* It’s not so much that I have no tiger’s blood. It’s just the barest inkling lurking beneath the surface. I have rationalized two reasons for this: Work literally sucked my will to live and all happiness out of my life on Days 17-19. My supervisor and my manager were off and left me in charge = utter sadness and despair and feelings of homicide. Body Pump ruined by life starting on Day 20 and it hasn’t given up yet. Whose bright idea was it to work on making sure her squats were deep enough to count as full squats? This girl. Who …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Days 16-23 Rewind

Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 16-19


My energy levels are definitely up over the last week or so … but I ain’t feelin’ so magical just yet. I’ve felt the tiger blood before … it’s an incredible rush of energy, confidence and accomplishment. I feel good – but I don’t feel … that. Nonetheless, Days 16-19 get an overall “good” rating, and for that I am thankful. I’m gonna rip of Jeanie’s format as this post again spans multiple days, and I think you’ll get more out of the breakdown this way. Even if you aren’t ready roar, keep calm and Whole30 on, all! Tuesdays mean rest days … WOOT! Granted my rest days probably aren’t as necessary as Jeanie’s, who’s been doing double duty work outs most days with her runs …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 16-19

Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 12-15


Rather than trying to fit a breakdown of four separate days in one long post, I figure I’ll give you a general recap so as not to bore you to tears. Suffice it to say, the timeline is half-right in my experience this time around. Boundless energy, indeed! Friday through Monday was a whirlwind of productivity, exercise, and good (compliant) eatin’. I have really been feeling the benefits of the program over the last 4 days – both mentally and physically. I’m definitely sleeping better and am clearer and sharper throughout the day. I don’t have to snooze my alarm nearly as many times (though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t at all) and once I’m awake there’s less of a dread to remove my …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 12-15

Jeanie’s Whole30 Days 12-15 Rewind


Admittedly I have slacked in my efforts to provide a daily blow-by-blow. Don’t be mad! Unlike a high school breakup, it really was me, not you. Since John got home last Thursday it’s been a mad dash to get everything accomplished we need to in a day. Since the last four days have fallen neatly into a phase of the Whole 30, we’re going to knock it out all at once. Four for the price of one.  It’s a good deal right? The Mental & the Physical Days 12-15: Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie. Pre-Whole30 I rarely made it through a night without getting up numerous times. I couldn’t even blame it on a dog who needed an emergency backyard visit. I’d wake …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Days 12-15 Rewind


Dear Reader, I’m writing this letter on Day 17 of my Whole30, and yes, I do owe you a recap of Days 12-15 – it’s in draft form, but I felt this post took precedence over that one for the time being. I wanted to make time to share my feelings about this blog and my experience over the last six months with the paleo lifestyle as well as Whole30. Writing this blog while going trough a major life transition (in more ways than you will understand unless you know me personally) has been a real wake up call and a major positive influence in my day to day life. While I may not post every single day, I’m constantly brainstorming, analyzing, learning, taking pictures, reading …

DorothyTHANK YOU! (Yes … YOU.)