Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 6 & 7


Who doesn’t love a good nap, I mean really? Why should this be a dreaded phase? When you’re lucky enough to be able to nap mid-day (say you work from home or you’re lounging around on a Sunday afternoon) naps are a wonderful thing – but when you are just above the line of functioning without one, your day can be brutal. Thankfully for me, Days 6 & 7 fell over the weekend which positioned me for prime nap time if necessary. Saturday started off well: early to rise, intentions to get to the gym by 10:30 for class (which were later thwarted by delayed departure to the airport *shakes fist*), a healthy breakfast and a healthy dose of black coffee. We left for the airport to get Denton …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 6 & 7

Jeanie’s Whole 30 Day 7 Rewind

day 7

The Mental & the Physical Day 7: I just want a nap… You know it’s a good day when you wake before the four-legged creatures taking up valuable real estate in your bed. I did get 9 hours of sleep but I don’t think that qualifies me as being in the “I just want a nap” phase. It is the weekend. Sleeping-in is required. Per the Whole30 timeline, my body should be changing from using quick carbs and sugar as energy to using fat for energy. This should result in me feeling exhausted because after all, that’s a big change. Hmmm… nope! I motivated myself pretty easily out the door for a run and then walked to the pool to relax. My brain feels clearer, …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole 30 Day 7 Rewind

Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 5 & 6 Rewind

Day 5

The Mental & the Physical Day 5: Kill all the things. and Day 6: I just want a nap… Well I continue to defy the timeline and Dorothy’s experience. Not only have I not wanted to kill all the things… I haven’t even really felt annoyed. Of course that could do with the fact that John is out of town until next Thursday. Like Denton, John likes to irritate me when I’m already barely holding it together and already actively resisting the urge to punch him in the throat. I also worked from home so unlike Dorothy, I could totally ignore people if I wanted to. Maybe spending time alone was beneficial at preventing Hurricane Jeanie from forming. On Day 6 we’re supposed to be moving …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Day 5 & 6 Rewind

Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 4 & 5 Rewind


Alright, so things weren’t quite so dramatic in the “Kill All the Things” stage as the meme above may illustrate. I’m totally fine with that. Anyone who knows me will tell you they don’t need me any more quick to irritate than usual … hopefully they will say it with love. :) Breakfast and lunch weren’t anything to write home about: a couple quick eggs and black coffee for breakfast, lunch with an old colleague at the same stir fry joint I went to on Tuesday. Do you need to be bored or uninspired by my repeat meals? Nah, I didn’t think so. Thanks for letting me off the hook for not having taken pictures. ;) Day 4 was busy, busy, busy, which  thought might be the …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 4 & 5 Rewind

Whole30: Chicago Cravings


So maybe you’ve read in the last few posts I went to Chicago last weekend. Sorry, I’ll try to stop talking about it after this post, but it was my first time there – and I loved every second of it. I went up to meet the boy who was on a ten day business trip over the weekend. You’d be surprised at how much you can fit into a day and a half when necessary. We had an amazing Italian dinner at Volare, window shopped in stores we could never afford on the Magnificent Mile, saw the awesomeness that is Eataly, took a river architecture tour, hung out with a tin-man mime, had stuffed pizza at Giordano’s, drinks at the top of Hancock Building …

DorothyWhole30: Chicago Cravings

Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 4 Rewind


You know what’s pretty awesome? Hearing the doorbell in the middle of the day… thinking it’s another @#)(@)*#@ door-to-door salesman… opening it and finding your neighbor standing there with a container of beautiful homegrown tomatoes. You know what else is pretty awesome? Losing 3 pounds since Monday! I know! I know! Don’t look at the scale… but I swear it wasn’t totally my fault. No the scale did not come out of nowhere and hold a gun to my head and said “get on the scale Jeanie… you know you want to.” No no… that would be silly. Instead it was a nurse at my doctor’s office that needed it for the paperwork. And no she didn’t have a gun but she did have a …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Day 4 Rewind

Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 3 Rewind


The Mental & the Physical Day 3: The Hangover. I should totally be in hangover territory but I’m not. *happy dance* Was it the last week before starting the Whole30 where I was trying to eat clean(er) for the mud run? Who knows… don’t care. Of course, my hangover could just be late to the game. If it is, I consider it very rude to go outside the Whole30 timeline. I wish I could say my sleeping improved but a minor tiff with my boyfriend that resulted in me sleeping on the couch with two dogs that wouldn’t settle down put the kibosh on that. Instead of sound sleeping, I was up every hour or two with dogs that wanted up, wanted down, wanted outside, …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Day 3 Rewind

Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 2 & 3 Rewind


First time visiting? Not super familiar with the Whole30 Timeline? Check this out, and know that it is right on point: WITNESS. Being groggy and grumpy and generally lacking energy, I don’t have a bunch of pretty pictures or witticisms for you in this post. I envy Jeanie and her decision to eat clean for a few days prior to starting our Whole30 so this phase didn’t hit her like a ton of bricks. Dorothy was not as smart, which seems to be a pattern in our relationship. I gorged myself over the weekend, was SO READY to tackle Day 1, but paid for my indiscretions over the last 2 days. Tuesday wasn’t a terrible day, but I wasn’t at the top of my game …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30: Days 2 & 3 Rewind

Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 2 Rewind


A couple weeks ago Dorothy told me about a small business seminar given by femworking. I knew it was something worthwhile to attend but man, it was in DC! As a suburbanite, the thought of going into the city during rush-hour makes me exhausted just thinking about it. Don’t even get me started on trying to maneuver through crowds crossing the streets, bicyclists with attitudes, and finding (and paying for!) parking. Not to mention the worst part… it was being held during dinner time on Day 2! At the beginning of the Whole30, regularly scheduled mealtimes with compliant foods become very important because you can’t just stop wherever is convenient and shove something random in your mouth. So how to deal?  I did what any …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Day 2 Rewind

Dorothy’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind


If you got the Austin Powers reference, thanks for reading and being generally awesome. I am happy to report that Whole30 Day 1 went off without a hitch on my end. Having woken up a bit later than I wanted to (if you know me this will not shock and surprise you), I didn’t have time to whip up eggs or anything yummy in the kitchen before heading off to work – so I grabbed my Monkey Salad ingredients, lunch fixings and water bottle, and headed out the door feeling prepared for the day. I assembled the salad at the office, grabbed a cup of black coffee and started attacking a mountain of emails that had grown over the past three days while I was …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind