Dorothy’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind


If you got the Austin Powers reference, thanks for reading and being generally awesome. I am happy to report that Whole30 Day 1 went off without a hitch on my end. Having woken up a bit later than I wanted to (if you know me this will not shock and surprise you), I didn’t have time to whip up eggs or anything yummy in the kitchen before heading off to work – so I grabbed my Monkey Salad ingredients, lunch fixings and water bottle, and headed out the door feeling prepared for the day. I assembled the salad at the office, grabbed a cup of black coffee and started attacking a mountain of emails that had grown over the past three days while I was …

DorothyDorothy’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind

Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind


Dorothy and I are going to do things a little differently this goaround on the Whole30.  We’re going to give you as much information as possible about our experiences so you get a feel for what a day-by-day reallife Whole30 looks like. I predict there’s going to be a lot of awesomeness, quite a few triumphs, some feel-good moments, a little bit of complaining and maybe some whining.  Consider it a full access pass to our lives. The Mental & the Physical  Day 1: So what’s the big deal. The Whole30 timeline really gets Day 1 right.  This will be my fifth Whole30 so by now I should have this down pat.  I don’t need to read the forums and find out what’s allowed and what isn’t.  I’ve read …

JeanieJeanie’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind

Why Whole30 Didn’t Change My Life – And Why I’m Coming Back For More


Are you thinking, “Give it a rest already with the Whole30 attempts!”? Sorry, but we’re back on the bandwagon. While reading through past Whole30 Chronicles, you might think this is my “third” Whole30 this year … but it just doesn’t feel right to call it that. I did my first Whole30 before we started this little blog, and the thought behind PiP was that sharing our experiences would help keep us motivated, keep us accountable as we continued on to Round 2 and beyond. My first Whole30 I honestly felt really great about, and I am proud of what I accomplished during it. Round 2 was much more difficult for me and I can’t consider it a true Whole30, you’ll understand why if you check out my bratty …

DorothyWhy Whole30 Didn’t Change My Life – And Why I’m Coming Back For More

Proof you can finish a 5k without zombies chasing you!


Who knew it was possible?!?  Go Honey Badgers! Go! While the better half of PiP was in Chicago enjoying a well-deserved birthday weekend with her boyfriend, I participated in the long awaited LoziLu 5k Mud Run.  I’d been prepping for it for it for about two months, but quite honestly up until halfway through the actual race, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to complete it.  Having never run a 5k and unable to run more than 100 feet at a time just 8 weeks earlier, a 5k with 13-14 obstacles seemed like a daunting task.  But Team Honey Badgers did it!   The LoziLu 5k Mud Run is a race designed for the average woman.  You don’t need to be an avid exerciser …

JeanieProof you can finish a 5k without zombies chasing you!

T-minus 5 Days Until the Next Whole30

Ramping Up

Hold on to your hats Ladies and Gentlemen… we’re about go Whole30 on you. Starting Monday, July 21st Dorothy and I are going to embark on our 3rd Whole30 together. It’s been a few months since our last one and we’re really feeling the effects of our indiscretions. I’ve gained a bit of the weight back I lost, I’m not sleeping well, and I feel kind of sluggish all around. Basically I’m just not as happy, healthy, and perky as I was when I was on the Whole30. For me it’s hard to go cold turkey and start a Whole30. It’s kind of like wham, bam, what the hell happened to all my wine, ice cream, and bread. So to lessen the shock I start …

JeanieT-minus 5 Days Until the Next Whole30

Quit Staring at My [Burger] Buns!


Happy 4th of July, everyone! Last night we decided we were craving the classic Fourth-Food: BURGERS. Of course the most paleo/Whole30 of ways to have a great burger is to put your organic, grass-fed meat on a “green bun” (lots of lettuce leaves) and load up on your favorite healthy fixings: tomato, onion, pickle, mushrooms, egg, mustard … whatever your little heart desires. I, however, love my burger on a bun. I’m sorry, I know it’s not paleo, but I love me some bread-y, carb-y goodness with my meat. What’s a grain-free girl to do? SCOUR THE INTERNET, that’s what! Pinterest has become my very best friend over the last six months, and one of my most recent discoveries was the 3 Ingredient Plantain Sandwich Rounds from …

DorothyQuit Staring at My [Burger] Buns!

I’m Bringing Pizza Back!

Julian Bakery's Paleo Pizza Crust

I’m bringing pizza back Them other crusts don’t know how to act I think you’re special cause of what you lack You can do it too if you’ve got the knack Sometimes you just NEED pizza.  It’s delicious, comforting, and familiar.  It’s one of those foods that even when it’s bad, it’s still good. Recently I stumbled across Julian Bakery’s Paleo Pizza Crust.  I thought it was expensive and didn’t have very high hopes for it actually being good but thought “what the heck” and tried it anyway. What follows is a true account of dinner last night… I started with the bag of pizza crust mix, some salt, and my food processor.  Not pictured is the 1/2 cup of water also needed to make …

JeanieI’m Bringing Pizza Back!

Rome wasn’t built in a day…


I hate running.  It has NOT all been peaches and coconut cream.  Hate is normally a strong word, but in this case it may not be strong enough.  Maybe it’s because I don’t fit the traditional definition of a “runner.”  Maybe it’s because I hate being hot and sweaty.  I’ll have you know I have very real fears about being trapped in my sports bra because I’m too sweaty to get it off. So why am I subjecting myself to this torture in the heat and humidity of the summer? My main motivator is to be able to keep up with my teammates when we compete in the LoziLu Mud Run.  I have nightmares where I’m running with them and then suddenly I’m behind them and I’m grasping …

JeanieRome wasn’t built in a day…

Step, Slide & Stomp Out of Your Comfort Zone – I Did


If you’ve read any of my posts or talked to me in the last 8 months, you probably know about my recent love affair with Zumba. I’ve become a total junkie, trying new instructors and gyms. I’ve become a total groupie, buying branded clothes and shoes. I’m dancing around the kitchen while I’m doing dishes and have a Zumba step in my living room. Who is this person? I have always absolutely DETESTED group fitness classes – I’m talking hate with a hardcore passion. Yoga was doable for some reason – but with anything else I was so self-conscious that I wouldn’t even consider participating. Jeanie and I joined the gym together last year after lots of poking and prodding on her end and having to …

DorothyStep, Slide & Stomp Out of Your Comfort Zone – I Did

Bonding over Bananas


While making my morning Monkey Salad (my favorite Whole30 breakfast of all time) in the kitchen at work a while back, a co-worker struck up conversation. Her eyes lit up at the banana/cashew/coconut combo, and I was more than happy to tell her a bit about what I was eating and why I was eating it. Then she dropped the Banana Bomb on me: BANANA. ICE CREAM. It was my turn for eyes to light up as she told me how simple, healthy and delicious it was – and that it keeps her ice cream loving husband happy while cutting out the calories. I recreated this immediately after dinner that evening, and we now permanently have a Ziploc bag of frozen bananas in the freezer …

DorothyBonding over Bananas