Measuring Can Be Fun

… With the Right Tools!

One of the things I hate most about eating paleo, but especially Whole30, is that you’re constantly cooking. I enjoy cooking. I do. I’ll even venture to say I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the last few years. I think we will all agree, however, that there are certainly times where ordering in sounds so much more appealing than heading into the kitchen to figure out what you’re going to eat and then taking the next thirty minutes to an hour to prepare it. God forbid you’re following a recipe and have to measure out a dozen ingredients and spices rather than just throwing something together from memory. Having fun items in my kitchen helps me tolerate being there on those nights (and tonight so did a really delicious, REALLY QUICK recipe I found on Pinterest). While using these cute measuring tools from Anthropologie, you’re pretty much required to smile. They are so bright and cheerful, are dishwasher safe, and look awesome on your counter when not in use. I received the dry measuring set and the spoons from my awesome aunt last year, and this year my boyfriend’s family had the liquid measuring cups wrapped up for me for Christmas amongst other goodies. Either my taste has become way too predictable, or the important people in my life know me really well. :)

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