Stop Peeling & Chopping Garlic!

RELAX. I did not say stop USiNG garlic. I’m a Jersey Italian. I would never say that. This solution also doesn’t involve the use of pre-chopped, water-logged garlic in a jar. I know some people that use this for the convenience, but I just can’t get behind it – in my opinion it does NOT taste the same. *shudder*

I use garlic in almost everything but baked goods (which we are no longer making, I know), be it granulated or fresh. At last year’s DC Food Show, Jeanie and I picked up these little kitchen gems: Smartworks Grate Gourmet Ceramic Sets, and I figured you’d want to know about them for your Kitchen Arsenal.


Ours were about $10 at the food show, but they seem to vary online. These little three piece sets (plate/peeler/brush) can be found online at a variety of retailers and in a couple different forms – I mentioned the brand name above and Googled it for you, as this is the brand we own. If you just search for ceramic grater plate you’ll find other brands and variations in the grater teeth. I haven’t provided a direct link to purchase is that I’m coming across lots of different price points and they don’t seem to be permanent sales items with any of the retailers (found on Amazon with limited quanities, Ebay at a stupid high price and also an auction obviously), so this way your link is always giving you the most up to date search results, k? Cool. 

The DC Food Show wasn’t the first time I had seen one in person – a few months prior I was visiting Boston with my old college roommate and bestie, Miss Emily, and we stumbled upon them at a vendor’s stand at the Greenway Open Market. When we walked away from them I immediately regretted not buying one, and luckily they fell into my lap once more shortly after. Whew!

Grating your garlic allows for easier digestion, is more flavorful so you’ll need less in your recipes, and distributes the garlic much more evenly in your culinary creation than larger chopped pieces would! Want to see how it works? Here’s a quick video I found … I probably could have just posted this and spared you the rest, huh? My bad.

 Have a whole head of garlic and you don’t feel like using that little rubber tube for each clove? Check out this genius move in yesterday’s Tweet from Stupid Easy Paleo:

I know, I thought it was weird we both were thinking about garlic yesterday too … grate minds must think alike (sorry).

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