Fabulous Friends & Faith in Yourself

Do you have friends that you can go months (or maybe even years) without seeing and pick up right where you left off? I’m lucky enough to say that I have many – scattered all over the country. Life pulls us all in different directions, but if we’re very lucky, we’ll cross paths again and be there for each other through life’s major events. This past weekend I got to see a group of some of my very best friends from college at a wedding for a member of our crazy crew. Miss Emily there next to me has been one of my biggest supporters from afar (since we met but especially over the last two months), as sadly we’re geographically separated now. She’s been there every step of the way cheering me on and telling people about our blogging ventures to the point where we have a teenie audience all the way down in Florida!


The new Mr.& Mrs.!

One of my many motivators for starting this paleo challenge back in January was that I wanted to be a better version of myself for this big reunion. No, the wedding wasn’t about me – it’s about this gorgeous bride Leigh and my buddy for life Eric – but I wanted to feel my best and confident going to an event that was so special for all of us to be invited to attend. Low-self esteem should never be invited to the party. 

Speaking of great friends: Jeanie and I have a special type of telepathy. Her post on April 3rd I swear was written for me going into this past weekend. I had set a goal for myself to lose 20 pounds by April, and I was 5 pounds shy of that goal. I’ve always had issues with body image, and not reaching my goal was taking a toll on my brain. I wasn’t focusing on everything I had accomplished thus far – all I saw as I tried on my outfits for the trip were my shortcomings:

I could have lost more … my waist should be smaller … I’m going to look huge in this dress. 

Reading Jeanie’s post snapped me back to reality. How unhealthy is all this self-hating talk? And how sad is it that so many women do this to themselves? I looked back through some of my other posts and reminded myself of the major changes I’ve made in my life and the success I’ve achieved thus far; it gave me that boost of confidence I needed to push my shoulders back and get ready to party with some of favorite people – after all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

So in my acceptance of self (ha), here are the pictures from the wedding, including a full length I swore I wasn’t putting on the internet due to standing next to my tiny tot of a friend and feeling like the Jolly Blue Giant (I say this with love, Emily!):

Me, Cole Haan, Emily & Jimmy Choo

Me, Cole Haan, Emily & Jimmy Choo

The boyfriend and I ... the fur is not real, chillax plz

The boyfriend and I … the fur is not real, chillax plz

The party might be over but the process of improvement is not! Back to Zumba, back to Body Pump, back to fueling myself properly, and back to NOT trying keep up with the boys’ alcohol intake in high altitude. Back to paleo … in super comfy pumps!  

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