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Committing to a Paleo lifestyle isn’t just about the food. It’s the whole picture including your physical health. For most of us that means going to the gym. I don’t like going. I don’t feel the endorphin “high” from exercising. I don’t glisten when I work out. I’m not graceful or well-coordinated. For those of you who do like going, I envy you.  For me, the gym is a chore.

Lately I’ve been averaging a gym visit about once a week. We’ve either had a busy social calendar, work ran late, or I’ve chosen to do yard work instead of Zumba. I don’t know what your definition of strength training is, but my back and legs believe lifting and spreading 40 bags of mulch weighing 60 pounds each counts as a strength session.  If it wasn’t for the death threats from our HOA, I would forgo the yard work too.

While I’ve gotten back on track with Dorothy and found an approachable way to Paleo long-term, I’ve got to get my body moving. I’ve also gained 8 pounds of the 30 I lost. *sigh*

I am a firm believer that running should ONLY be done under two conditions:

1 – To get away from a zombie mob, serial killer, or that annoying guy at the bar who refuses to take no for an answer.

2 – Towards a shoe sale. Especially if it’s Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale.  SCORE!

I am also a firm believer that dirt, and more specifically mud, is not for me.  I do not like being wet when I’m not in the shower or pool, and I especially dislike the idea of adding dirt to that equation.

So it makes perfect sense that I caved under the peer pressure of my friends and joined their team to do the LoziLu Mud Run.


Many people have heard of the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc, but what is LoziLu and how is it different?  LoziLu is:

A filthy 5k festival for all athletic abilities to love! Exhilarating obstacles, music, mud & amazing after-party.  It’s all to help kiddos with cancer have a future of fun.

As someone who has NEVER done a 5k before and dislikes both running and mud, it appeals to me for a number of reasons:

  1. It is for women only.
  2. It is not timed.
  3. The obstacles are geared towards women who want to have a good time. Not guys and gals who want to prove who is the biggest badass by doing pull-ups with only their pinkies.
  4. It is not timed.
  5. There is the possibility of wearing a tutu.
  6. It is not timed.
  7. I will actually have to force myself to go to the gym and train so I don’t look like an idiot the day of the race.
  8. It is not timed.

The whole timing thing is important to me.  I am NOT a runner and therefore my mile time is approximately 15 minutes.  I’m also only 5’1 so two of my strides equals about one of an average person.  My little legs have to move very very fast.  I’m surprised I don’t create fire with all the rubbin’ going on.



So I have committed and paid my registration fee.  Since it is non-refundable, my only choice is to go forward is to train my little heart out in hopes of not looking like a complete idiot the day of the run.  We still have room on our team… wanna join us July 19th in Frederick, MD? :)

P.S. Olivia Newton-John sure knew how to cast eye candy in her videos.  You’re welcome.


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