And BOOM! Goes the Dynamite

i DiD iT! Since I beat myself up in my last post I figured my day of celebration should include a little pat on the back for the couple things I did right during my Whole30.

I prepped the pantry. Hiding everything that was non-compliant ensured that neither myself nor my boyfriend munched mindlessly on banned items. The sign was just an obnoxious smack in the face each time we opened the pantry and reminded us that we better be in that cabinet for a good reason. It worked! I organized the baking and spices cabinet so that only items I would need were in arms length without my step-stool. The usual suspects in our counter-top containers were swapped for compliant items: coffee for flour, almonds for sugar, and coconut flakes for cornmeal. Finally, the fridge was given a complete overhaul and any banned items we weren’t ready to toss found themselves covered up or in the top drawer which we aren’t opening!






I got involved in the community … and got my 15 milliseconds of Whole30 fame! I tweeted to @whole30, Melissa Joulwan (author of Well Fed who is awesome & also tweeted me back … TWICE!) and other Whole30 participants, read the forums, favorited the Facebook page, and met some like-minded individuals. Reading about others’ experiences helped me stay motivated, gave me ideas for meals and coping strategies, and just generally gave me a more genuine connection to this crazy adventure I had taken on.

tweet likes

I experimented. I started out slowly, throwing together things that sounded tasty, like fresh strawberries with cashews and a vanilla/cinnamon coconut cream. Eventually I worked my way up to attempting recipes from my Wed Fed cookbooks like making homemade mayo for tuna salad or Meatza to satisfy my pizza cravings (I’m Italian, you took my pasta, you CANNOT have my pizza). I even started talking about the diet at work and got ideas from co-workers who hadn’t a clue what Whole30 was but were eating compliant foods – like banana “ice cream!” I thought this last one was a revelation, alas a quick Googling proved that Whole30ers had figured this trick out already. Didn’t make it any less delicious, satisfying, or compliant.

strawberries mayo


I resisted temptation. Both the company I work for and the management team of our office building like to do “nice” (read: delicious and unhealthy) things for us on the reg. Our building is known for surprising us with treats in the lobby such as a catered breakfast around holidays, Halloween candy, ice cream socials, and other goodies. My company provides bagels and/or doughnuts every Friday and a huge catered spread once a month that would make your Whole30 demons’ eyes bug right out of their heads. I stayed away. I grumbled, yes. But I stayed away.


I beat breakfast boredom. Pinterest and Google got a workout this month! An original idea of mine? No. New to me? You bet your sweet ass. When I saw eggs baked in an avocado on Pinterest I immediately walked that Chromebook to the kitchen and got cookin’. Beats an egg scramble any day in my book. I scanned images, read recipes, tried and tweaked. In order for me to stick to something like the Whole30 I cannot let boredom get the best of me. Thank god for social media and like-minded bloggers.


I lost 11 pounds! I’ve fluctuated throughout the program (i KNOW! You’re not allowed to weigh yourself! I already acknowledged this and fessed up in my last post, thank you) but in the end, it was totally worth it. Not just on the scale, but DEFINITELY in my jeans! Motivation Dress is almost there … Round 2 will do the trick, I’m sure of it.




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