Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 10 & 11

As I skipped over the last phase, I was hoping I might be able to sail through this one as well. Things went pretty well on Day 10 … Day 11 was a beast all its own!

Day 10

Day 10 started off with leftovers – repurposed of course! I took one of the salmon cakes from Day 9, reheated it in a skillet, and topped it with a runny egg and some dried chives (I seriously love chives on eggs now, wherever I stumbled across this on the internet … thank you).


I finished the salmon cakes off for lunch with cauliflower rice and lots of lemon juice. While I enjoyed this recipe, I over did it with the leftovers … probably will take a break from the recipe for a bit! I was totally satisfied and holding my shoulders up a bit straighter as I walked back to my desk with my healthy lunch in hand – and then one of my co-workers walked by with pizza. I looked down and suddenly my little plate of veggie-rice and microwaved fish looked sad. My shoulders slumped forward – “I can’t even take a picture of this crap plate for my blog,” I thought to myself. I got settled with my lunch and wound up having to force it down. Daydreams of pepperoni slices and sausage bits danced through my mind. All I could do was drown my lunch in lemon juice and remind myself that this meal looked much better on my thighs than deep dish.

Thoughts of forbidden foods subsided in the afternoon as I anticipated my upcoming trip to the gym. We were getting a big treat that day – my zumba instructor’s “Zumba Dad” (the man that got her into Zumba and taught her *almost* everything she knows) was coming to our class! It was one of the most fun, exhausting, intimidating and rewarding classes I have been to yet. We rocked it out and (hopefully) made our instructor proud. After my long day at the office, the ass-kicking at the gym (FitBit tracked over 10,000 steps, woot!), and a quick chicken dinner out with the girls, it was all I could do not to climb right into bed as soon as I walked in the door. I’m writing this post on actual Day 16 of my Whole30. Think I may have lost a bit of steam?

Day 11

Sweet Jesus. I scrambled eggs. I got to work and was slammed with ridiculous phone calls and emails all day – by ridiculous I mean both the quantity and the content. I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon right on my lunch hour and on the way back to the office realized I had no food with me. I stopped at the gas station and while inside I bought a banana. Yes, I ate gas station fruit for lunch. Food was so unappealing to me on Day 11.

I was feeling under the weather and decided NO WAY was I going to Body Pump – dinner with dad sounded much more appealing than the gym. Dad and I decided to grab dinner at Panera Bread. Stop looking at me like that. Don’t you know about the Whole30-friendly Panera options? Check out their hidden menu and my favorite option on it!


Click to read about my favorite Whole30 eats at Panera!

We took our salads to go – and when we got back to my apartment realized they had put bread in our bag. BREAD! “IF I WANTED BREAD, I CERTAINLY WOULDN’T HAVE GONE TO PANERA!” I joked sarcastically with my dad. God, I love their bread. He chuckled and stood in the kitchen sneaking a bite and quickly rolling up the brown bag so as not to torture me. I told him if I could resist pizza, I would be fine resisting a roll. Whenever my herbivore sister is in town, we don’t always eat meat-free, why should I be treated any different? He insisted he would be supportive and left the bread in the kitchen while we ate our greens and protein. I love my dad.

After dinner and some bonding, we said our goodbyes and I went back into the kitchen to straighten up. Then I saw it.

The Brown Bag was still on the kitchen counter, and in it sat two pieces of beautiful baguette. Would anyone know if I just …

“DAD!” I screamed down the stairway frantically as I flung open the door. I heard footsteps pattering back up to the third floor.

“What?” he called, sounding concerned.

I shoved the bag at him and he started cracking up. “Get this away from me, please, take it with you,” I begged.

He said he felt terrible because as he was getting ready to leave he said to himself multiple times “don’t forget the bag, don’t forget the bag,” and yet here we were. Then he said he was proud of me – and I realized I was proud of me too. They say you’re most likely to quit your Whole30 on Days 10 and 11; while they weren’t exactly fun days, I’m pleased to say I passed the test.

Featured image from Strange Zoo

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