Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 16-19

My energy levels are definitely up over the last week or so … but I ain’t feelin’ so magical just yet. I’ve felt the tiger blood before … it’s an incredible rush of energy, confidence and accomplishment. I feel good – but I don’t feel … that. Nonetheless, Days 16-19 get an overall “good” rating, and for that I am thankful. I’m gonna rip of Jeanie’s format as this post again spans multiple days, and I think you’ll get more out of the breakdown this way. Even if you aren’t ready roar, keep calm and Whole30 on, all!

The Mental & The Physical

Tuesdays mean rest days … WOOT! Granted my rest days probably aren’t as necessary as Jeanie’s, who’s been doing double duty work outs most days with her runs in the morning and gym classes at night. Don’t let her fool you, people – she’s certainly eating well and compliant – but that progress is also due to working her cute little butt off. I felt a good amount of energy on Tuesday, productive at work, ran my morning meeting {fairly} smoothly (thanks, technology issues, this was not operator error, I assure you) and got to leave a little earlier than usual and get home at a decent time without my gym pit stop. Instead, we went back to Fresh Market for $2.99 Tuesday. We got suckered in, as these deal days are meant to do. We didn’t buy the $2.99 ground beef or chicken breast … but we wound up with a lot of goodies. There’s a sneak peak in the Eats section below! Even after the workday and the shopping trip, I still had plenty of energy to play in the kitchen with a Whole30-friendly Eggplant “Parmesan” recipe from Everyday Paleo … you’ll get to see that below too!

Wednesday I woke up and felt my body scream “TIGER BLOOD!” but … I think I messed it up. I felt great all morning – made breakfast and had coffee at home before heading out the door for work. Then I had another cup of coffee when I got to the office … then another. I was bouncing off the walls by the afternoon and wasn’t even hungry for lunch until about 3 P.M. This is not good people. I begrudgingly went to Zumba with a different instructor since mine was out sick (I am fiercely brand loyal, and apparently instructor loyal as well), and by the time I got home, my body completely gave out. I laid on the floor and stared at the ceiling, wondering why I was feeling so crappy. I then decided it had been a self-induced crash due to caffeine overload and not drinking even close to enough water. It’s all I can really come up with as an explanation. I let Denton fend for himself in the kitchen and microwaved a piece of quiche for myself (you saw that beauty in the last post, right?), forcing it down and knowing I had to eat before I went to bed. I slept like a rock.

Thursday morning was neutral. I felt good, not great, and took a step away from the coffee pot after my first cup having learned my lesson the day before. After work I positively sprinted to the nearest blacklight Zumba studio for a class with my instructor’s mentor and got a fantastic and fun workout in. Like Tuesday, after a long day on Thursday I still had the energy and motivation to cook up one of my absolute favorite dinners I’ve had in a while. We had acquired pork tenderloin earlier in the week, and determined to forego the overnight marinating (as I am not great at planning meals a day ahead) I looked up a dry rub recipe, paired it with Well Fed’s Cauliflower Mash and made a quick gravy from the pork drippings (adding chicken stock, and even parts of coconut flour and arrowroot). This tasted like my grandmother’s cooking – I was in heaven. I woofed down every bite and went back for seconds with Denton staring quizzically at me – “You really love your own cooking tonight, huh?” he asked. “This isn’t me, this is my grandmother!” I shouted and I hauled ass back to the kitchen. Bellies full and kitchen cleaned, we went to bed early again for a good night’s rest.

Friday was a bit of an off day for me. I wasn’t focused on much. I was distracted by a number of shiny things, one of them being the fact that the weekend was within reach. When I was able to escape the office, I found myself at my third Zumba class of the week – arriving early to get some feedback on a new routine from Stacie and then staying late with a few others and a visiting instructor from Brazil to mess around a bit. When I got home, I was absolutely exhausted, but in a great way. A shower gave me renewed energy to make our second pork tenderloin (came in a 2-pack, seasoned both on Thursday, cooked one immediately and placed the other in a Ziplock in the fridge!), this time pairing it with PaleOMG’s plantain mash. I cannot stress how well this pork recipe goes with both side dishes. It is so fast and easy – DO try this at home!



Fresh Market Shopping Trip

Allow me to explain a few of these purchases:

  • Numi Tea: I’ve been loving tea at night during this Whole30 – I’m finding that a cup of caffeine-free rooibos is making just as sleepy and calm as a glass of wine – I’ll take it! I came across an article by the Food Babe exploring what’s really in our tea and was surprised and disappointed to see that my favorite standby contains pesticides, natural flavors, and is possibly packaged in harmful materials. Out goes Republic of Tea, in comes Numi – organic, delicious and safe!
  • Donut Peaches: It’s a donut! It’s a peach! It’s a deliciously sweet and locally grown donut peach! These stone fruits are oddly flat, hence their name, and it was too novel not to pick up a few. Glad I did!
  • Sunbutter: Missing your beloved peanut butter? Try this on your apple slices or banana. It won’t replace the sugar-bomb forms of peanut butter like Peter Pan, JiF or Skippy, but if you’ve been on natural peanut butter previously and need a legume-free spread, this should do the trick!
  • Veggies: Canned sweet potato puree, green onions, broccoli rabe, habaneros … just a few items to help get creative with our recipes
  • Sushi-Grade Tuna: Fresh Market’s had a special all week on tuna steaks, 2 for $10. Had we just eaten them the night before? Yes. Were we going to put ourselves on tuna overload? Nope. I’ll let you in on a little secret: they are packaged. It looks like fresh tuna, alas, it is actually frozen, thawed, unwrapped and placed in the beautiful display case. It might seem a little misleading, but I wound up being okay with it, as we were able to purchase a couple more and let them sit the fridge for a few days without them going bad or feeling the need to eat them before we were ready just because we had to – check it out, and see if your store might do the same!

Whats in the case might not always be fresh – but sometimes that works in your favor!


“But, Dorothy!” you say, “We are on Whole30 and cannot have cheese!” you say. Ah, young grasshopper. Try grating a macadamia nut over your dish with a microplane. You’ll get the same salty, creamy addition to you parm dish! ;)


The prettiest of dishes or knife skills? No. Paleo/Whole30 comfort food at its finest? YES!!!!!

GRAVY TIP! After you roast your tenderloin in the oven, move the pork to a cutting board and let it rest. Place the baking dish on the stove while the dish is still piping hot, and gradually add in 8 oz of chicken stock and equal parts coconut flour and arrowroot powder – constantly stirring and breaking up clumps. If the gravy is a little thinner than desired, just transfer to a small pot and let it reduce a bit. Don’t worry if it separates while you’re doing something else – mine did too. Whisk it back into shape, and pour over your mash … OMG.

Body Movin’!

  • Tuesday: Rest day, 5742 steps
  • Wednesday: Zumba, 11,329 steps
  • Thursday: Blacklight Zumba, 10,901 steps
  • Friday: Zumba, 11,564 steps!

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    Omigosh. Ok, so I’m commenting all over your blog this morning (so glad I found it) I am trying so hard to get into the Whole 30 cooking thing, and your pics might just push me there. I’m very boring in the kitchen, plain chicken/beef/whatever, plain veggies. Blech. Also, blacklight zumba sounds fun! I’ve been teaching for 3 years and maybe that’s what I need to add to get over my little zumba slump. :)

    1. Andrea, thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for writing! :) The best advice I can give you for Whole30 is: you MUST get creative in the kitchen … otherwise it is just an unbearable 30 days of deprivation. Pinterest is such an amazing resource for ideas … and the more you get the hang of it, the easier you’ll be able to freestyle your way around your new paleo-ized kitchen. I promise. Also, I really need to do more reviews of the books I’m using, because there are so many fantastic options out there. Look into Nom Nom Paleo and both Well Fed books if you’re not used to being adventurous in the kitchen yet, they are a great place to start. But my favorites right now are The Paleo Kitchen, The Paleo Foodie Cookbook and Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine. PS – if there is a blacklight zumba place near you – go!!! It’s like a dance party in a night club – without the drunk creepy guys. <3

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