Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 20-25

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ’bout! I waited and waited for what seemed like forever, and finally the Tiger Blood began coursing through my veins again. With all this energy, you would have thought I’d have had time to put up a proper post at some point, wouldn’t you? Say what you will, but I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished over Days 20-25. Let’s see, shall we?

The Mental & The Physical

It’s so strange to me that this phase truly can feel like a light switch has just flipped – one day you’re puttering along doing just fine but wondering why you aren’t feeling fantastic yet, and the next you are so busy  accomplishing a multitude of tasks in a single bound that you don’t even have time to recognize how great you feel. That was my Saturday. I woke up early (enough) for my morning Body Pump class, ran a couple errands afterward, and then went home to get busy in the kitchen. A few of us were attending a party at a friend’s house and Jeanie and I were stocking our potluck contributions with Whole30 approved snacks. The plan was that the food would be so delicious we would forget about the fact that we were the only ones not drinking (grumble). I made Plantain Chips and Guac, and also another batch of Creamy Bacon Wrapped Dates from the Paleo Foodie Cookbook, and Jeanie outdid herself with her goodies as well (don’t worry, she’ll share later).

After having a great time Saturday night, we woke up Sunday bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to hit the green for the day. Denton’s gotten the golfing bug, and while I am not a golfer I really do love being on the golf course. Not only do I go once each summer with a big group of friends as the designated Cart Driver, Ball Locator and Beer Shuttler, but my grandfather was also an avid golfer – and being on the green always reminds me of him in a peaceful and calming setting. I’ve been tagging along, getting in lots of steps on the FitBit, enjoying the sunshine and sharing an activity that’s important to my partner in crime. Not a bad way to spend the day, right? We topped off our day with a nice dinner at home and invited my dad over. I recreated the Seared Tuna Steak with Fruit Salsa for my dad (peaches instead of pineapple were a fun twist) and Italian Salmon Baked in Foil from Giada De Laurentiis for Denton and myself. I would have just made the same dinner for everyone, alas, my father is a crazy man and does not enjoy salmon. I don’t know. I cannot answer your question as to what is wrong with him. I love him anyway.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful – I got in my required trips to the gym (Body Pump Monday, rest day on Tuesday, and back-to-back days of Blacklight Zumba on Wednesday and Thursday), made some healthy dinners (featured below!) and got plenty of rest (averaging 7.5 hours per night). I have realized that proper sleep has been a key factor in my success this Whole30. Not only am I falling asleep easier (my nightcap of Rooibos has become a sacred ritual) but I’m sleeping BETTER (the FitBit does not lie!) and I’m waking feeling more refreshed and actually excited about my day ahead. This, my friends, is what they call Tiger Blood.



Visit Gutsy By Nature for quite possibly the easiest paleo appetizer that satisfies.

This is not my picture, it's from The Paleo Foodie Cookbook by Arsy Vartanian ... and worth every penny. This app was requested by my friends for this party after sharing once before!

This is not my picture, it’s from The Paleo Foodie Cookbook by Arsy Vartanian … and worth every penny. This app was requested by my friends for this party after sharing once before!

We need to talk about these dates for a hot second. I think I may have found my favorite finger food – like ever. Not only is this easy to pull off and pretty quick to prepare (after the whole soaking-cashews-for-six-hours thing), it is seriously decadent. Sweet, salty, creamy goodness … what’s not to love? This recipe along is enough to buy the gorgeous book it’s published in. *Bonus! The recipe makes way more cashew “cheese” than is needed for this recipe – I may or may not have stood in my kitchen dipping remaining dates in the magic cheese while my appetizers for public consumption were in the oven. I’ve also used it in breakfast scrambles, which I swear is amazing.

Spiralized Egg Plant with  ground pork, Rao's Arribbiata, basil and macadamia shavings. *NOTE: COOK EGGPLANT THOROUGHLY. You have been warned.

Spiralized Eggplant with ground pork, Rao’s Arribbiata, basil and macadamia shavings. 

Spiralized Eggplant: I’ve heard lots of silly names for these veggie noodles as I scour the internet for tips and recipes: zucchini noodles = zoodles; squash noodles = squoodles; carrot noodles = coodles; what the hell fo you call eggplant noodles? Eoodles? Epoodles (silent “E”)? Eggoodles? Let’s stick with Spiralized Eggplant on this one. *NOTE: COOK EGGPLANT THOROUGHLY. You have been warned. Eggplant contains lots of fiber and can be rough on your system if you don’t cook it all the way. That’s all I’ll say about that.



Office Dumping Grounds: No, I did NOT eat this. I took a picture of this cake that showed up on the counter in the office kitchen for two reasons: 1) a month ago I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about grabbing “just a small piece” to accompany my morning coffee and now (victory) it didn’t even interest me nor did it look appetizing; 2) You know what really grinds my gears? THE PERSON WHO TAKES THE MIDDLE PIECE OF A SHEET CAKE.


Giada’s Salmon Baked in Foil is already Paleo – no tweaks needed! Click picture for more Giada love and links.

Organic chicken breast is dressed with salt/pepper and Penzey's Adobo - but the star here is Napa Cabbage w/ Shallots and Bacon (plus a little red wine vinegar).

Organic chicken breast is dressed with salt/pepper and Penzey’s Adobo – but the star here is Napa Cabbage w/ Shallots and Bacon (plus a little red wine vinegar).

Body Movin’!

  • Saturday: Body Pump; 7,516 steps
  • Sunday: Golf Caddie & Cart Driver; 10,631 steps
  • Monday: Body Pump; 7,269 steps
  • Tuesday: Rest Day; 3,797 steps
  • Wednesday: Blacklight Zumba; 9,840 steps
  • Thursday: Blacklight Zumba; 11,376 steps!

Featured Image: AnimalPics

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