Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 6 & 7

Who doesn’t love a good nap, I mean really? Why should this be a dreaded phase? When you’re lucky enough to be able to nap mid-day (say you work from home or you’re lounging around on a Sunday afternoon) naps are a wonderful thing – but when you are just above the line of functioning without one, your day can be brutal. Thankfully for me, Days 6 & 7 fell over the weekend which positioned me for prime nap time if necessary.

Day 6

Saturday started off well: early to rise, intentions to get to the gym by 10:30 for class (which were later thwarted by delayed departure to the airport *shakes fist*), a healthy breakfast and a healthy dose of black coffee. We left for the airport to get Denton off to his final week-long business trip of the summer.

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When I realized I was definitely not making my 10:30 class, I revised my plan for the day. Quite honestly, though I was in gym clothes and had all intentions of heading to class that morning, my body was totally fine with not having to complete 750-800 reps of weights. Later that night we were having a little get-together at Jeanie’s with some friends and I was missing a couple key components to my Whole30-compliant recipes, so I decided to head over to The Fresh Market. It isn’t the cheapest store, but they do have weekly specials on meat and fish, and it’s just a really enjoyable, relaxing experience to treat yourself to now and then. I think I needed a couple lemons, a green pepper, one bunch of green onions, and a tomato or two. Sixty-ish dollars and 40 minutes later I was lugging a much heavier than anticipated cloth bag of loot home. Ah, retail therapy. Don’t judge me, I’d been obsessively reading The Paleo Foodie Cookbook the night before, and many recipes need to be made! Here’s what I found (minus the eggs, whoops!):


I got to play with not one but TWO of The Paleo Foodie recipes on Saturday! I made the Tabbouleh and also the Creamy Bacon-Wrapped Dates. Holy sweet mother of the lard, the dates are amazing. The best part is the filling – which was like a cream cheese made from a combination of soaked cashews, nutritional yeast, garlic and herbs. I assure you, “nut butter” does not come to mind …. cheese goodness all the way thanks to the nutritional yeast. We’ve talked about my love of cheese, yes? Let’s just say I had extra filling and wasn’t about to let it go to waste – I certainly found a way to re-purpose it the next morning. I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Paleo Foodie Cookbook if you really enjoy cooking (if you’re looking for quick weeknight meals, this is the wrong book).

Having already made breakfast and now these two dishes, I could have happily laid on the couch for the rest of the evening – which was what I ended up doing, just not at my own house. I arrived at Jeanie’s for our movie marathon night with a few friends. We all gorged ourselves on compliant food (which happily was mostly vegetables!) and flavored water.  If you haven’t already, stop by Jeanie’s post of Day 6 and you can see our spread! By the time I got home, I don’t know if it was the food, the fact that it was midnight and I’m adopting the sleeping habits of a senior citizen, or the stage of the Whole 30 – but I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow. I wasn’t excessively tired throughout the day, but I certainly wasn’t bouncing off the walls either. Bottom line, I stayed nap-free.

Day 7

I’m not sure if I can say I had a full  Day 7, maybe a half day? I didn’t wake up until 11:30 and I didn’t move from my couch until about 3 P.M. Are you disgusted? Don’t be, because when you get to go through Day 7, you might know exactly what I’m talking about. I’d gotten over 11 hours of sleep, and when I rose from the dead only to relocate my sedentary body to the living room, I was just as tired as I was when I had laid down the night before. My sinuses were completely clogged, my eyes were itchy and my throat was sore. Uh-oh.

With zero motivation for the day, I allowed myself to “clean” 2 episodes of Chopped and the Season Finale of Hell’s Kitchen off my DVR. At three in the afternoon, I’d had it with myself. I had been so productive all week, and here I was being a total bump on a log and using the timeline as an excuse to feed into my lethargy. Besides being tired, why was I feeling so crappy? I have mild seasonal allergies, but nothing compared to some of my family members – yet here I was totally incapacitated  by something lurking in my system. Was it a reaction to detoxing this week? Or was it the two allergens stretched out in sun-patches on my bed?


I glared and sniffled at them in their peaceful sleeps while I popped a Claritin and decided to do what any sane person would do: turn the apartment upside-down and inside-out cleaning. I de-allergen-ized every square inch of my apartment, chasing the critters from room to room with the vacuum. Blinds, window screens, vents, picture frames, furniture, shelves – allergens were safe nowhere. I’m not sure how rational or fair this was to said allergens, as I hadn’t been having problems prior to Day 7, and wondered if I could have been experiencing some symptoms of the lovely carb flu. Or maybe I’d caught a cold? Either way I was convinced this cleansing was assisting in my Whole30 experience. I suppose we’ll see.

Three hours later when I finished terrorizing cleaning and organizing, I got ready to meet my pops for a dinner at Burgerfi – a great place to grab some food if you’re SO not up for cooking. Props to Celeste at Sweet Tea & Wheat-Free for capturing the picture, as my brain was not functioning clearly enough to take my own last night. Burgerfi actually offers you the option of a lettuce bun, rather than looking like a crazy person when you try to create one yourself at other restaurants. Lots of fresh topping made my green-style burger a totally satisfying meal – even without fries or onion rings. I topped mine with tomato, onion, pickles, jalapenos, mustard, aaaaaand a fried egg. YUM.

Visit Celeste @ Sweet Tea  Wheat Free. :)

Visit Celeste @ Sweet Tea & Wheat-Free. :)

Thankfully, Burgerfi is also an in-and-out type joint, as I couldn’t have sat through a meal at a steakhouse if you paid me that night. I (of course) always enjoy my dad’s company, but I was still feeling fuzzy and tired and stuffy. I’m sure I was a ton of fun – luckily, when it’s your dad, he loves you anyway! I passed out around ten that night, which means I was awake for less than twelve hours … but there was no nap! Ha! *smugly crosses arms*

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