Dorothy’s Whole30: Days 8 & 9

Finally! Dorothy gets to defy a phase in the timeline! This phase is generally semi-unpleasant, other than the fact that we get to refer to Ryan Gosling. Many people experience a little, shall we say, digestive discomfort right about now. This is due to the change in what we’re feeding our bodies. Hallelujah, I get to skip something. I’ve been feeling pretty darn good over the last 2 days … minus the start of what might be a minor cold creeping up on me.

Day 8

Monday actually wasn’t miserable! Do you believe it?! I think I’m starting to hit my stride in the Feelin’ Good Department. While I wasn’t ecstatic to head back to the office, I did get my day off to a good start with an egg scramble and some coffee. I posted on Facebook there was a “magic ingredient” in the scramble that had transformed the eggs for me. Now, I’m gonna tell you what it is but I’m reinstating the Judgement Free Zone (JFZ). We’ve talked about this before, yes? I pour my soul into the universe, and if you can’t say somethin’ nice …. shut it.

Okay, so we discussed the Creamy Bacon Wrapped Dates from The Paleo Foodie Cookbook that I made for Saturday’s Whole30 shindig. I told you they were amazing. I told you the filling tasted like cheese because of the creamy texture and the nutritional yeast. I may or may not have told you that while the bacon-wrapped dates were in the oven I was shoveling the extra dates and dip down my throat. This stuff tastes like cheese, but it is cashew based. When I told my friends I whisked a spoonful of this filling into my eggs before scrambling them into the pan with crispy prosciutto they looked at me with more than skepticism. When Jeanie says something is “interesting” she’s telling you you’re disgusting in a polite manner. Think of it as the equivalent to “Bless your heart.” I love her. You can’t think of it as chopped nuts, nut butter, whatever – think of it as your cheese substitute. If you’re still not on board, fine. Throw nutritional yeast into your eggs, but don’t say I never gave you anything.


Work was work, nothing of note to really mention there, except the fact that my beloved (honest) boss returned from her temporary abandonment (vacation) and I was thrilled to no longer be holding down the fort solo. Lunch was a salad of leftovers: mixed greens, my last tomato, the middle of two avocados (which I had hollowed out for my baked eggs over the weekend!), grilled chicken spiced with adobo and chili powder, and a splash of balsamic. I took pictures, I did – but they were at work on a paper plate – and do you know how hard it is to cut up a tomato without mangling it using a plastic knife? I’ll spare you the gory details.

After work I met the Fabulous Five (our gym crew) for my least favorite class (Body Pump). I know it is good for me. I’m going to keep going. I can feel myself getting stronger with every class, but the chicks in the front row wearing bathing suit bottoms mock me with every squat. It’s the only reason I’ll continue going.

Dinner was made in record time – another Paleo Foodie recipe: Panfried Cod with Herb Sauce. I’m going to beat you all into submission and have you buy this book when I do an actual cookbook review now that I’m obsessively creating dishes from it; until then, I will continue to gush about the recipes individually as I experience them. This fish is kind of like perfection on a fork. How else do you describe the bright, fresh herbs in olive oil drizzled on top of fish fried in butter? All I had to do was fry the cod and MiX, not even COOK, the sauce. Pair that with some cauliflower rice from the fridge and I’m done. This dish I did not take pictures of … and for good reason. Cod does not look pretty after it comes out of the pan when Dorothy flips it. I also find it highly suspect that there is not a photo of this dish in The Book. I’m going to go ahead and give Arsy the benefit of the doubt that you just can’t have a picture of every single recipe … but part of me suspects this is not a photographic dish. ITDOESNTMATTER.

Day 9

Tuesday I rolled out of bed and hustled out the door a little early for our weekly morning meeting – cook? I’m late, I’m late! For a very important da- you get it. I threw some of the grapes from the freezer in a bag, grabbed the granola Jeanie sent home with me (um, this stuff is amazing, and I’m a little bitter she forgot to bring me more), tucked my tupperware of last night’s dinner leftovers in my tote and was off like a shot to work. Again, not much to write (or photograph) home about.

Since I didn’t have a gym class Tuesday I got home early, and I was full of energy for some unknown reason. Apparently being in the apartment alone for three weeks makes me more OCD than usual. It was time to tackle the kitchen cabinets.

I organized EVERYTHiNG. Whole30/Paleo foods in one set of cabinets, all of Denton’s devilish wares in another – away from compliant food and above my line of sight. The cabinet I was most excited about was the spice cabinet. Jeanie has a really fun magnetic board in her kitchen with all of her spices on it. I’m lucky I can hang a few whisks on the wall underneath the cabinets in my apartment – the kitchen is certainly functional, but there’s not nearly enough room for all my fun culinary paraphernalia to be out on display without looking like a hoarder.

The spice cabinet was filled with bulk containers from Costco, and lots of little bottles and packets that liked to spill off the shelves and onto me while I’m trying to prepare a meal. I was constantly shuffling the larger bottles around trying to get to the one I needed, which always seems to be in the back. Enter: stackable storage containers. This little makeover cost me less than six bucks. All it needed was

  • 2 6-count packs of BPA free plastic storage containers at Wegman’s
  • Washi Tape
  • Permanent Marker
  • A little spare time

Of course the giant Costco quantities didn’t fit nicely into these containers, but they’re still around! They’re just laying on their sides and stacked vertically in the back, patiently waiting to refill the more organized front. There’s still tons of loose little bottles and oils on the bottom shelf, but they’re definitely tidier than before … compulsion complete!


After whipping the cabinets into shape, I whipped up yet another Paleo Foodie recipe … I’m sorry, I’m a creature of habit … and neurosis. Why did I not know about Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes before going paleo? Can anyone explain this to me? Because they’re cheaper and just as damn tasty (if not more so) than your ordinary crab cake.


When I had scarfed down my delicious dinner and the dishes were all cleaned (a relatively quick process due to clean-as-you-go and dinner-for-one), I kept moving around: throwing in a load of laundry, packing my gym bag and lunch for the next day, harassing the cats while I went. As I stood in the kitchen making a cup of tea before planning to settle into bed with a book, I found myself having a warm and fuzzy feeling. No, not the hot flashes from last week – this was different. I was feeling really great about my routine for the past 9 days … steady gym schedule, tidy home, wholesome meals I prepared myself instead of hating myself for ordering in or picking up … and I wasn’t exhausted. You know that annoy saying your Body Pump instructor will yell as encouragement? Sure you do, the “A BODY IN MOTION … STAYS … IN … MOTION! *grunt*” … I was feeling it. I hadn’t sat down yet (aside from eating dinner) since I had gotten home. I kept bustling around, getting things accomplished and feeling great about each task. When I finally crawled into my neatly made bed and snuck an episode of Pretty Little Liars (JFZ, please) in while sipping my tea, I didn’t feel guilty in the least. Do I sound all hippie and corny and granola? So not me … but I could feel that change happening that comes with the Whole30. My mood was lifted, my mind was at rest, and I was brimming with a sense of accomplishment. Not a bad couple days at all.

And now just for fun … because it’s Ryan Gosling.

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