We’re Getting a Little Excited

Jeanie and I are currently brainstorming ways to make our blogging adventure fun, informative and addictive. We hope you’ll become a regular visitor as we get off and running. We’re currently wrapping up a Whole30 (I “graduate” 11 February!) and we’ll be taking a break until 1 March before we start the next one. We plan on getting our thoughts together and reflecting on this past Whole30 and then blogging live through the next – JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON! You can track your progress and experiences against ours and help us build a great tool for others who are considering giving the challenge a shot. We’ll be posting some recipes here and there, linking to other Paleo bloggers that we find helpful & fabulous,  bragging about fun kitchen toys we acquire along the way, and probably whining about how much we miss wine. We’re here to start a conversation, hold ourselves accountable to someone (even if it just ends up being each other), explore new possibilities and make new friends. Thanks for visiting our little corner of the interwebs!

Header Photo Credit: Elizabeth Garlington

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