Giada: We know she’s sexy … did you know she can be Paleo?!

I can’t wait for Woman Crush Wednesday. It’s too far away. I adore Giada De Laurentiis. She’s Italian (fist pump), beautiful, articulate, and can cook her cute little ass off. I’m pretty sure Everyday Italian was my first cookbook purchase. I bought it in college when I decided that maybe being domesticated and able to cook would land me a man (I know, you’re thinking, “Hello 1950’s!” but I’m just keepin’ it real, that was one of the reasons I started getting curious about learning to prepare real food instead Stouffer’s or DiGiorno … so lame). Turns out it did land me a good one several years later, but I’d like to think my charming personality reeled him in before my feeding him.

Everyday Italian is still to this day one of my favorite cookbooks, although I have acquired enough to fill a suitcase you’d have to bag-check at this point. All you e-readers that hate on real books and refuse to purchase “dead trees,” please leave me alone. I love holding a real cookbook. I love flipping through its glossy pages, drooling over their beautiful photographs, and having my mini library. Call it one of my many vices. I won’t give them up.

Since starting the Whole30 in January, I have purchased not one, not two, but seven paleo books (did I mention I like books?) and while the recipes in them are delicious, satisfying, and fun to experiment with, I still crave preparing my old staples BP (Before Paleo). I started flipping through The Book and landed on my favorite salmon recipe. Guess what? Not everything I was eating BP was a total shit-show! Wahoo!

The more I looked through The Book the more recipes I realized were totally compliant for my current diet, and that many only needed a few tweaks to be allowed as well. Of course there is pasta in this book, but why can’t I sub if for one of the million veggie noodle options I’ve come across like zucchini, spaghetti squash or celeriac? Do I need the bread the delicious Italian eggs are on? No, I eat this recipe already without it. Can I skip the parm sprinkle? Yeah, I’ll live. *grumbles*

I’m not touting all of Giada’s recipes as Paleo or Whole30 friendly, but there are several options without even having to get creative. Her veggies are flavorful, perfect side dishes with your favorite protein and if you like salmon, you need to try her Salmon Baked in Foil – STAT. That was dinner tonight. Along with her perfect potato recipe … I SUBBED THEM, I SUBBED THEM. Sweet potatoes, onions and asparagus were a perfect combination with the Herbs de Provence. I love cinnamon and butter on sweet potatoes, but a girl’s gotta have options.

I didn’t take pictures of dinner tonight, as 1) I was starving and not in the mood to pretty-plate after Body Pump and 2) my photos would do the flavors no justice … you’ve been provided links to recreate your own rendition. :)

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  2. I had a similar epiphany when I started looking at my B.P. (Before Paleo… hahaha love it) cookbooks. Little did I know I had been enjoying “paleo” recipes long before I knew what paleo even was. Same goes for restaurants… I find the nicer the restaurant is, the more likely their food is inheritantly paleo. Who know!?!?

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      I had no idea – because I just didn’t care before! Now that I’m more aware of what I’m eating and trying to make better choices, I am starting to realize it’s not as hard as it might seem. Which is a huge weight off … literally!

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