Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 3 Rewind

The Mental & the Physical

Day 3: The Hangover.

I should totally be in hangover territory but I’m not. *happy dance* Was it the last week before starting the Whole30 where I was trying to eat clean(er) for the mud run? Who knows… don’t care. Of course, my hangover could just be late to the game. If it is, I consider it very rude to go outside the Whole30 timeline.

I wish I could say my sleeping improved but a minor tiff with my boyfriend that resulted in me sleeping on the couch with two dogs that wouldn’t settle down put the kibosh on that. Instead of sound sleeping, I was up every hour or two with dogs that wanted up, wanted down, wanted outside, wanted inside. *aieaieaieiaeiaeia* It’s enough to drive a girl crazy. This also directly impacted my ability to go for my morning run. Instead I slept right until I had to turn my laptop on and start working from home.

Over the course of the day I felt more alert and clear headed but I never felt 100%. I’ve also started noticing that when I workout, I don’t feel as taxed or as sore the next day. Yay!


Picture of breakfast first.

Day 3 Breakfast


Yes that’s right… I ate a hotdog with mustard, sautéed spinach, and raspberries for breakfast. There are a couple take-aways from this.

  1. I wanted something quick and easy since I was tired.
  2. I’m starting be over the whole eggs every day thing. Not good since it’s only Day 3.
  3. Food is fuel. I needed fuel in the form of protein, carbs, and fat. So it didn’t matter that it wasn’t traditional “breakfast” food… just that it was food.

For lunch I made the Vinegar and Shallot Chicken from The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook. I already had chicken defrosted which meant adding a handful of ingredients and throwing it in the oven was a piece of cake. For my carbs I cooked up some frozen okra. Nothing super fancy or exotic. It was food that filled me up and tasted good.

I keep a ton of frozen vegetables on hand. They’re a super easy way to get healthy carbs quick. Since our lives are so unpredictable, we shy away from buying a ton of fresh produce because some weeks it goes bad. Plus there are half-dozen grocery stores within 3 miles of my house so picking up fresh produce on the fly is easy.


Omg. Dinner! After Zumba class I picked up John and met our friend Lauren at the opening of a brand spanking new Cracker Barrel! So excited! What’s that you say? How can you eat healthy at a Cracker Barrel of all places? Yes folks, it’s true. Cracker Barrel has adopted not only gluten-free options but they also have menus showing the Big 8 allergens. I ended up with the lemon pepper trout, green beans, a baked potato (because I was just at the gym and wanted more substantial carbs), cucumber and tomato salad and some unsweetened iced tea.  I also only ate half of this.  The rest will be a meal for another day.


Of course you could always go with the options John ordered. *sigh* He’s very supportive in words but not so much actions. So I had to sit next to him while he devoured this plate of what we shall call “beige dinner.” That side of tomato cucumber salad ended up in my to-go box.  Do not let him fool you.  At least mine’s more colorful and looks better when photographed. Like I will look better when photographed when we’re done with this Whole30.



Body moving!

I remembered my Fitbit today but not until 5pm right before I left for Zumba class! The good news is I still managed to get in 7,220 steps before 10pm when I passed out. Not bad for a 5 hour time period.

I also got to see Dorothy’s new Zumba routine she does for class. It was very cool. Although I think it might be time for her to change her “fledgling” status to “semi-pro.”

Day 4 is just around the corner!

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