Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 4 Rewind

You know what’s pretty awesome? Hearing the doorbell in the middle of the day… thinking it’s another @#)(@)*#@ door-to-door salesman… opening it and finding your neighbor standing there with a container of beautiful homegrown tomatoes.

You know what else is pretty awesome? Losing 3 pounds since Monday! I know! I know! Don’t look at the scale… but I swear it wasn’t totally my fault. No the scale did not come out of nowhere and hold a gun to my head and said “get on the scale Jeanie… you know you want to.” No no… that would be silly. Instead it was a nurse at my doctor’s office that needed it for the paperwork. And no she didn’t have a gun but she did have a German accent and that is pretty intimidating. Who am I to disobey her? I had to do what she said and of course I had to look down as I did it.

Today is a good day!

The Mental & the Physical

Days 4-5: Kill all the things.

Okay people. I’m really starting to wonder if I fit the Whole30 timeline at all. I seem to have completely skipped over the headache phase, and today is Day 4 and I don’t want to kill anything at all. In fact I think my dogs got even more love today than they did the day before. Of course I’m on my own for a week because John is out of town so maybe it’s that no one is going to be here and I’m getting some much needed alone time? That could definitely be part of it.

I also feel a lot clearer today. My head doesn’t feel foggy. My body doesn’t feel sluggish. My hunger cycles are evening out, and my sleep is getting better. Despite the fact that I had to fast this morning for a 9:30am doctor’s appointment and blood work, I still went running and STiLL didn’t want to kill all the things. I did attack my emergency bag of almonds still lurking in my purse from Day 2 as I was walking back to the car, but I think that’s normal after 15 hours of nothing in my tummy and running 2 miles.

I also noticed that I generally FEEL better about doing this Whole30 than the last one we did. That one was a constant fight. I didn’t want to do it. I wasn’t excited about it. It felt like a heavy chore from Day 1. This one feels easy and dare I say it, right.


Because of my appointment, I didn’t get breakfast but that was okay. I was hungry but I wasn’t STARViNG like it was my job. A handful of almonds after the appointment and I was good for another hour or two until it was an acceptable time to eat lunch.

Mmmm… lunch. John wanted one last meal together before he was gone for a week so he was a gem and went out and got us Chipotle. Chipotle makes it really easy to get a good blend of protein, carbs, and fat all in one tidy bowl: Carnitas, tomatoes, onions/green peppers, and guacamole. I also added some of our own sweet potato chips to round things out. It tasted even better than it looks.

Day 4 Lunch

This go-around it seems like I’m eating out more than I’m eating at home. Proof that Whole30 can be successfully done without cooking everything at home. For dinner my friend Lauren and I went to Ghenghis Grill… yep… the same place Dorothy went to on Day 2. Only Dor neglected to relay one really cool fact to me… instead of getting your delicious stir fry over leaky gut causing grains like rice or noodles, they now offer cabbage “noodles.” I think it’s amazing restaurants are taking notice of what the public wants and are providing gluten-free alternatives that aren’t just “rice.” Win!

Day 4 Dinner

Body moving!

Wow… talk about getting my exercise in. Per my fitbit, I got a total of 14,482 steps in and burned a total of 2,629 calories. Weee! How’d I do it?

I woke up at 7am and did Week 6, Day 3 of my Couch to 5k program. Holy cow… the program that day was to walk 5 minutes, jog 22 minutes, and then walk another 5 minutes to cool down. 22 minutes! That’s 22 times longer than I could jog at a time just 6 weeks ago. Seriously folks… if you knew me and knew how much I hate exercise and how bad I am at it… you’d know if I can do it, you can do it too!

But that wasn’t all… I wasn’t going to go to Zumba but my friend Stacie talked me into it and my friend Lauren wanted to come along. Isn’t exercise more fun when there are people there to share your misery? Instead of the great Zumba class at my gym, we went to a blacklight Zumba studio. Totally different style than our girl Kristen but still really fun.

*whew* I’m definitely going to sleep well tonight.

Day 5 tomorrow!

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