Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 5 & 6 Rewind

The Mental & the Physical

Day 5: Kill all the things.
Day 6: I just want a nap…

Well I continue to defy the timeline and Dorothy’s experience. Not only have I not wanted to kill all the things… I haven’t even really felt annoyed. Of course that could do with the fact that John is out of town until next Thursday. Like Denton, John likes to irritate me when I’m already barely holding it together and already actively resisting the urge to punch him in the throat. I also worked from home so unlike Dorothy, I could totally ignore people if I wanted to. Maybe spending time alone was beneficial at preventing Hurricane Jeanie from forming.

On Day 6 we’re supposed to be moving into the “I just want a nap stage.” Why? Because at this point our bodies are moving from sugar burning to fat burning. All day I didn’t feel the slightest bit tired. I DiD wake up with a headache but before you get all excited that I was getting *the* headache, I will have to respectfully disagree. I had forgotten to take one of my medications for 3 days and a side effect of that is headaches. Plus as soon as I took some Advil it went away. My normal Whole30 headache would not be affected by something as tame and average as Advil. The only thing that would nix a Whole30 headache is hours and hours of sleep in a dark room away from everyone. So… I continue to defy you Whole30!

To further disprove it on my “I just want a nap” day, I went to Body Pump with the ladies, came home and did 2 hours of yard work. Then ran around the house getting ready for the ladies to come over for movie night. Take that Whole30.


Day 5 Breakfast – Apparently I’m still on a no-egg kick so leftovers stir-fry from Genghis Grill and leftover salad from Cracker Barrel it is! Don’t get boxed in by your leftovers. Think of it as an episode of Chopped and repurpose them to fit your mood. In this case I jazzed up the salad with some dill and vinegar.

Day 5 Breakfast
Day 5 Lunch – You’re going to see a trend here… more leftovers. This time the other half of my dinner from Cracker Barrel… half a baked potato repurposed with some rosemary olive oil, a piece of trout, and the remainder of the cucumber and tomato salad.
Day 5 Lunch

Day 5 Dinner – Even though it was really late (9pm!), I decided to experiment with one of the recipes from Slim Palate. Chili lime burgers it was… only the guacamole that should have been on the inside ended up on top… some sweet potato chips and a big salad. This is proof that even when it’s late and you’re starving, you don’t need to stop for fast food or order a pizza.

Day 5 Dinner

Day 6 Breakfast – Since I woke up early today, I decided to get fancy today before heading to Body Pump. I managed to pull together some bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes, and a peach. The best part? The pups also got some bacon and eggs for breakfast. For an only child, I know how to share.

Day 6 Breakfast

Day 6 Breakfast Dogs

Day 6 Lunch – It’s like it never happened. Oh wait… it didn’t! I wasn’t hungry before the ladies got to my house for a movie night so I just skipped it altogether. Ok ok… you caught me! There may have been a handful of dried apple chips but that’s hardly worth counting.

Day 6 Dinner – Movie Night! What’s really awesome is that I have a supportive group of ladies I hang out with. If they’re not actively doing the hole30, they still understand what it is and the guidelines. So when I asked everyone to bring a dish, they really brought it!

Day 6 Party
Dorothy showed up with a banging tabbouleh and bacon wrapped dates.
Lauren brought a delicious fruit salad for dessert with line, coconut and mint.
Lela came up with delightful ginger pear spa water that we generously filled our wine glasses with.
Finally since we were watching Ratatouille, I made some just like the movie and served it alongside some bison Italian meatballs from Well Fed 2. There was not a speck of food left.

Body moving!

On Friday I went for a run after work because after working all day, my butt actually hurt. Like seriously… It was painful to keep sitting so I had no choice but to run it out. Between that and walking around the grocery store picking up some yummy new things, I ended up with 8,716 steps. Not too shabby for only have 256 steps up until 5pm that day. No wonder my butt hurt.
After Saturday’s Body Pump class, my Fitbit said I had just over 1,000 steps. Wtf. After an hour and 700-800 reps with weight, I had 1,000 steps?!?! Even after I put in the fact that I did Body Pump, it didn’t recognize and respect my effort. I really don’t think that accurately describes the situation. Luckily the rest of the day resulted in 5,967 steps. I’ll take it. It’s better than the 256 I scrounged together while working Friday. Lately, I feel like if I move at all, it’s a good day.

Bring on Day 7!

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