Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 8 Rewind

I miss John. I really do. But wow it’s been so nice being able to stay up late and still get 7-8 hours of sleep because he’s not waking me up at 5:15am to get ready for work. That’s right folks. Even though I work 6 miles from my doorstep and don’t have to be there until 8am, I’m still up at 5:15am because the boy is. Come hell or high water, one day he’s going to get a job closer to home that doesn’t require a 7am start time.

The Mental & the Physical

Day 8: For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER.

Know how to outsmart the tighter pants phase? Wear a skirt with an elastic waist to work, spandex to your Body Pump class, and loose sleep pants once you get home. I almost didn’t even notice the heavy, bloat-y feeling I had. “Bloaty” not a word? It should be.

At this point on the Whole30 you’ve done without the 6 deadly sins (grains, sugar, diary, soy, legumes, and alcohol) for 8 days. Your body is started to adjust to this new source of fuel with all its unprocessed goodness and increased quantity of fiber. So what does that mean? A delightful combination of bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. As your once leaky gut starts to heal, the symptoms go away and you can process whole foods more efficiently and easier.

I’m definitely down with the bloating… the other two? Ehhhh… not really. Come to think of it… maybe it is good John’s out of town until Thursday.


In a burst of overachievement, I made a quiche for breakfast for the week. But wait… I don’t like eggs right? Well in the 4 servings this quiche yields, there are but 3 eggs in it. So I’m hoping I can get through it. Don’t hold your breath though. By Day 9 I’ll probably be dreading breakfast on Days 10 and 11.

Day 8 Breakfast

The really cool thing about Whole30’ing is the time between meals gets stretched out. You’re simply not as hungry as you were when you were downing gluten and sugar at every meal. By 2:30pm I figured I *had* to eat something because I was planning on doing Body Pump that night and it’s not healthy to exercise intensively with no fuel in the tank. While I heated up leftovers from the night before, I made it about halfway through before I tossed them because they just didn’t interest me anymore.

Day 8 Lunch

About an hour later I figured 5 bites of pork loin and 6 bites of vegetables probably wouldn’t cut it so I forced myself to eat the parfait I made of fresh raspberries, full fat coconut milk (bomb diggity), and a sprinkling of tropical granola from Nom Nom Paleo. About 3 bites in it was no longer a chore and I scraped the bowl clean. If it wasn’t for co-workers passing by my desk, I may have tried to lick the bottom.

Day 8 Snack

Dinner ended up being late and I had zero desire to cook anything… mainly because it would take too long and I didn’t want to clean up dirty pans. Instead I tracked down things that would fulfill my protein/carbs/fat needs that required nothing more than placing them on a plate. I ended up with some already cooked frozen shrimp, sweet potato chips, guacamole, and salad.

Day 8 Dinner

Do you spy the “cocktail sauce” in the picture? Have you ever tried to find Whole30 or even Paleo cocktail sauce? Give up my friend. You won’t find it. If you do, tell me. I whipped some together with some jarred horseradish, tomato paste, lemon juice, Old Bay, salt and St. Lucifer.

Body moving!

You know what’s hard about using a fitbit? Remembering to move it from one outfit to another when changing. I ended up forgetting it at home when I changed for Body Pump. Ooops. Its lack of recognition of my effort in class would just piss me off anyway so maybe it’s better this way.

After class I decided to be torture Saki Bomb and Sushi with a 2 mile walk. If you have ever been around a Shih Tzu, then you know their preferred state of existence involves air conditioning and couches. Preferably laden with soft blankets. What started out as a fun jaunt down the street, quickly turned into abject horror when they realized they were going farther than the stop sign.

They slept really well and I got 8,006 steps in for day (minus Body Pump of course).

Day 8

It’s almost time for Day 9.

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