Jeanie’s Whole30 Days 16-23 Rewind

The Mental & the Physical

Days 16-23: Tiger Blood!

Dear Whole 30,
Where. In. The. Hell. Is. The Tiger. Blood?!?!

*sigh* It’s not so much that I have no tiger’s blood. It’s just the barest inkling lurking beneath the surface. I have rationalized two reasons for this:

  • Work literally sucked my will to live and all happiness out of my life on Days 17-19. My supervisor and my manager were off and left me in charge = utter sadness and despair and feelings of homicide.
  • Body Pump ruined by life starting on Day 20 and it hasn’t given up yet. Whose bright idea was it to work on making sure her squats were deep enough to count as full squats? This girl. Who also apparently loves pain, not being able to go up or down stairs, standing up from sitting for long periods, or walking in general. Owwie.

Other than my mental breakdown last week and being in physical pain since, things have pretty much been status quo. I need some improvement in my water consumption and hours of sleep. For some reason I think about drinking water and how thirsty I am, but after a sip or two I totally forget about the glass beside me until hours later. Yes, I might be blonde. We’ve also been staying up later than normal but still getting up at the same time which makes for a sleepy girl during the day. Damn Shark Week.

Physically I “feel” thinner. I don’t know if it’s in my head or if I’m legitimately thinner. One might be just as good as the other at this point. I did got shopping for clothes over the weekend and found some cute things in stores I haven’t been to in a long time because they only carry smaller sizes and it was depressing. Weee!

While I’ve been fantasizing about delicious non-compliant goodies, I haven’t executed any of my plans to shove them in my mouth. Since the end is in sight, John has been plotting activities for post-Whole30 that may or may not include a winery visit. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it. Possibly wearing my new cute shirt from my impromptu shopping trip.


My life has turned into a constant stream of leftovers. Don’t get me wrong because I LOVE leftovers. I just feel like I should spare you seeing the same pork roast or sweet potatoes three days in a row. Here’s the delicious highlights instead:

Day 16 Lunch – Another day of salad with tuna and my co-workers walking by going “you really should take a picture of that because it’s so pretty.” Your wish is my command. ;)

day 16 lunch

Day 16 Dinner – I made Cottage Pie (not Shepard’s Pie because that’s made with lamb and lamb is gross) from scratch. While it’s not photogenic, it was delicious. I plan on giving y’all the recipe as soon as I recreate it again and take better pictures.


Day 18 Dinner – Pork loins were on sale this week at the Fresh Market. I had planned on butterflying it and then rolling up some goodies inside but when I opened the package, I realized it was two small loins put together to look like a big one. Epic fail and dinner redo on the fly. Since butterflying was not an option, I sprinkled it with salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme. Twenty minutes in the oven with some sweet potatoes and some sautéed spinach and dinner was done.

day 18 dinner

Day 20 Breakfast – Before the infamous Body Pump class, I threw together some fruit, spinach, and eggs for us to tie us over to lunch.

day 20 breakfast

Day 20 Lunch – I dragged John to the grocery store after Body Pump which meant by the time we left, he was STARViNG. We tried a new place called Elevation Burger and were shocked at how awesome it was. I plan on going into more detail later but suffice to say you can eat ultra compliant there.

day 20 lunch

Day 21 Breakfast – There are potato pancakes hiding under those eggs. A little egg, some seasonings, a cast iron pan… no flour needed to make them yummy. Add bacon and cooked apples and it was a breakfast fit for a queen.

day 21 breakfast

Day 21 Dinner – Stop the presses! I got John to eat this:

sunday dinner

Why is this so epic? Because when I met John 10 years ago, his idea of “seafood” involved food from a Mrs. Paul’s box. Don’t get me wrong, fish sticks are good but they’re not what I consider authentic seafood. It took me years to get John to eat broiled or sautéed fish, and never ever would salmon be considered. Fast forward to Sunday night. I got him to eat the salmon recipe from the Slim Palate cookbook along with salad. This recipe was hands-down one of the best fish recipes I’ve ever had. John described it as “light, meaty, and flavorful with a richness that isn’t overpowering.” I think we’ve been watching too much Chopped.

day 21 dinner

Body moving!

I have come to the realization that I own more sports bras than regular bras, and I have to resist the urge to buy more. I also realized this morning that I think I lost my fitbit which means I don’t have any step numbers to report.

On Day 19 I did reach the first of three 30 minute running workouts on my Couch to 5k program. And I downloaded the follow-on app – 5k to 10k. Look out world! I’m going to be jogging all over you.

week 9 day 1

Day 24… Please bring me more tiger’s blood. Please?

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