Peace Out, Whole30

Bad wannabe blogger! Bad! *dodges rolled up newspaper* What kind of amateur hour is this? An entire week without a post? I’m putting myself in a timeout for bad behavior. Although, I do feel I’ve earned a few paleo brownie points. *pats self on back, leaps sideways to avoid another incoming newspaper swipe*

I’m happy to announce that (after today’s post) you won’t have to see me writing or #hashtagging the phrase “Whole30” for a good long while now – MARCH iS OVER!

Did I learn from all my mistakes the first time around and make this a perfect Whole30? Not even close. In fact, I can’t lie to you all, there was a bit of cheating here and there, I skipped a number of breakfasts, my water intake wasn’t what it should have been (again), and I’m still not getting the sleep I should be … go ahead say it. I’ll wait.

Is it out of your system? Good. Moving on. One of the things Jeanie and I realized over the last 30 days was that two of these bad boys back to back is not the way to go – not for us anyway. The shiny newness of it all had worn off about half way through. Can we sustain long term on an 80/20 paleo diet? Absolutely – and we plan on it! (Why else would we be here?) Whole30 has been a brutal beast this go-round, and we’re thinking once a season will even be ambitious – but the positive outcomes we have both experienced can’t be denied. I’m going to let Jeanie share her numbers herself, because she did so fantastic, it’s not right for me to have the honor of announcing her win.

Now for my good news – I’ve definitely seen results both physically and mentally. My thinking towards food has absolutely changed for the better, and my cravings for many things that were my foods with no brakes have really subsided. One of my biggest regrets this year is that I did not take my measurements before starting my first Whole30 in January – because I am pumped with the changes after losing only four pounds on this second round. FiNE, we can call it a Half30 this time if it makes you feel better since I’m a big phony. I’ve decided I’m too vain to put up my actual measurements, but after the last THIRTY days, the results are in:
  • Tummy: – 2.5 inches!
  • Hips: – 0.5
  • Arm Left: + 0.75
  • Arm Right: + 0.75
  • Thigh Left: – 1.0
  • Thigh Right: – 1.0
Seriously, can you imagine what these numbers would have been if I had measured in January and showed you a cumulative total of 60 days worth of lost inches? I lost ELEVEN pounds on my first Whole30! I may have only lost four additional pounds this month, but I’d like to think the muscle I’ve been gaining has attributed to the numbers on the scale not budging, because the measurements above just don’t lie.

I had another small victory this weekend, which you probably already saw if we are friends on Facebook. I went shopping … for CLOTHES … and, unlike my last very painful shopping excursion, I was ecstatic! (I also may or may not also be wearing a jacket today that had too much pooch protruding to wear proudly a few weeks ago!)


If this all isn’t  enough to show I’ve made progress, I don’t know what you want from me, peoples. I just don’t … but I will keep on keepin’ on and prove to you that even 80/20 paleo works – and that I’m still working hard. While diet was a big part of my progress, so was hitting the gym regularly. I don’t know where I’d be if my Zumba instructor Kristin hadn’t continually kicked my butt over the last few months. Thanks, lady. :)

I’m so excited to start packing up my new clothes (and dress!) for our trip to Colorado this weekend to attend the wedding of  one of my very best friends. I am also looking forward to not feeling like the Pillsbury Doughboy while travelling, catching up with old friends and snapping group selfies (oh yeah, the #selfie, it’s going to happen, let’s just get that out there now).

So, with these little victories tucked into my slightly looser back pocket, I must leave you. It’s time to get ready for dinner.


Just kidding. We’re having chicken too.

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