T-minus 5 Days Until the Next Whole30

Hold on to your hats Ladies and Gentlemen… we’re about go Whole30 on you. Starting Monday, July 21st Dorothy and I are going to embark on our 3rd Whole30 together. It’s been a few months since our last one and we’re really feeling the effects of our indiscretions. I’ve gained a bit of the weight back I lost, I’m not sleeping well, and I feel kind of sluggish all around. Basically I’m just not as happy, healthy, and perky as I was when I was on the Whole30.

For me it’s hard to go cold turkey and start a Whole30. It’s kind of like wham, bam, what the hell happened to all my wine, ice cream, and bread. So to lessen the shock I start cleaning up my diet the week prior. This has actually worked in my favor because the LoziLu Mud Run is on Saturday. I’ve noticed my performance is much better on mornings where the day before I ate more clean than not.

Ramping up…

  • Costco! Last week we stocked up on all of our protein and basics for at least the next few weeks.  It’s just two people in our household but man, we go through some protein and fruits/vegetables.  Costco is a convenient and less expensive alternative to the average grocery store.  We’re able to get organic chicken and beef at a really reasonable price.  They also stock all our favorite fruits and veggies in amounts we can easily consume in a week.  Just recently started carrying Nutiva Coconut Flour in bulk and you can pick up the latest Paleo Cookbooks while you’re there to boot.  Dorothy’s post from our last Whole30 is an invaluable source of Costco knowledge.  If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out.
  • Water, water, everywhere.  It’s funny that the girl who takes water bottles to work religiously probably doesn’t drink enough water.  As an experiment I brought a gallon of water in last week and tried to get through the whole thing before I went home.  Yeah… not even close.  So this week I’ve been tracking my water intake and getting to 100 ounces a day because I really want to be able to maintain that level for 30 days. Plus it’s good for you. water
  • Phasing out the junk. I have not been eating perfectly Whole30 this week or even perfectly Paleo.  So all this week I’ve been incorporating more Whole30 meals and snacks into my routine and decreasing my wine consumption (sad face) and after dinner dessert indulgences.  If I’m sort of used to forgoing delicious ice cream after dinner, then it won’t feel like deprivation when I start Day 1.

Whole30 goals…

I don’t think a Whole30 is complete without establishing some goals.

  • Inches lost!  Yes, yes, I know.  Stay off the @#)$@)* scale.  I’m a woman, what can I say?  I’m going to get on it occasionally.  Unfortunately the scale doesn’t truly reflect all the work you’ve done sometimes.  At the start of the last two Whole30s, I neglected taking “before” measurements.  Not this time.  I’m going to take them and hide them in a super-secret place and compare them to the “after” measurements.  You’ll definitely get to hear about the results. incheslost
  • Upping the exercise ante.  I’ve been doing a Couch to 5k in preparation for this Saturday’s Mud Run but I’ve been neglecting other forms of exercise.  While it starts with food, it continues with getting your body moving.  Starting Monday I’m going to go to Body Pump twice a week, Zumba at least once a week, and do 3 runs a week.  After each run I’m going to start doing 100 sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and kettle bell swings.
  • Hunting and Gathering.  Each week I’m going to use at least one of my shiny new paleo cookbooks to put together some culinary magic.  Then I’m going to share with you my triumphs (and hopefully no failures)  in a new feature called Hunting and Gathering.


Sliding into Monday’s start should be easy peasy.  Wanna join us?  There’s room for more on this ride.

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