Dorothy’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind

If you got the Austin Powers reference, thanks for reading and being generally awesome. I am happy to report that Whole30 Day 1 went off without a hitch on my end. Having woken up a bit later than I wanted to (if you know me this will not shock and surprise you), I didn’t have time to whip up eggs or anything yummy in the kitchen before heading off to work – so I grabbed my Monkey Salad ingredients, lunch fixings and water bottle, and headed out the door feeling prepared for the day. I assembled the salad at the office, grabbed a cup of black coffee and started attacking a mountain of emails that had grown over the past three days while I was eating my face off in Chicago. The only thing worse than your trip ending is coming back to the aftermath of PTO in your Outlook Inbox, amiright?

Monkey Salad

My favorite Whole30 breakfast via

An Infusion of Basil Makes the Water Go Down

Drinking enough water throughout the day is one of the goals I seem to never quite hit. Jeanie and our friend Lauren always make “spa water” when we get together in gorgeous counter-top beverage dispensers that make the drink look so much more appealing than a regular ol’ glass of H2O. Why couldn’t I make my water bottle taste just as enticing? I Googled infused water combinations and went down the rabbit hole of blogs with stunning pictures of fruit and herb concoctions in jugs, mason jars and more. Who spends that much time reading about water? I mean really … {#whole30problems}.

Cucumber Basil seemed like a perfect starter – cool and refreshing, while not being sweet or reminding of the lack of sugar/sweetener/frankencrud in my delicious drink. I just went with the cucumber and herb, but the recipe below also includes lemon and lime as well!


Thanks to Krystal’s Kitsch for the gorgeous inspiration!


Remember I said I just grabbed a bunch of stuff from the fridge before running out the door to later assemble my lunch? I waited until about 2pm to eat, for fear of a coworker revolt against my opening a tuna can in the common kitchen. Sorry, everyone, I rinsed and scrubbed!

  • Can of tuna
  • Container of my homemade mayo, paleo friendly from Whole30 goddess Mel Joulwan
  • Lettuce Gem
  • Spear of Grillo’s Pickles Hot Pickle  <3
  • Mini Cuke
  • Small can of Mario’s sliced black olives
  • Can opener! :)

Any guesses as to which Netflix series I’ve been binge-watching lately?

Pumping Iron

As Jeanie said, we hit the gym for Body Pump with our friends Stacie, Laura and Barbara. After being MIA from any sort of weight training and solely (mistakenly) relying on Zumba for all my fitness needs, my poor poor little muscles were screaming at me while I was using the lightest, most pathetic amount of weight available for most of the exercises. I was glad Stacie messaged us earlier in the afternoon to see if we’d actually be making it to that class as we’d been saying we would – generally Zumba is where we all see each other, but using the buddy system to motivate each other is the way to go for classes you might not be as in love with!

Spiraling Out of Control – In the Best Way Possible

My Paderno Spiralizer arrived last week before I took off for Chicago and I was super excited to give it a whirl (heh, sorry) last night! Zucchini noodles, or “zoodles,” are not only delicious but they are producing stunning dishes! I mean look at these babies!

Check out a quick how-to on!

Check out a quick how-to on!

I looked at the clock when I started unpacking my new kitchen toy – it took me about four minutes to open the box, remove the stickers, give it a rinse and attach the handle/blade. After a long day and a rough (albeit pathetic) workout, quick assembly and results were exactly what I needed. I quickly spiralized a whole zucchini, sauteed some ground pork with a few spices, added my veg to the pan and voila! Dinner in about 15 minutes. I’m a fan of creamy sauces and cheese (who isn’t?) so to pump it up a bit I scrambled an egg, removed the pan from the heat and poured the egg into the hot pan, quickly coating all the noodles Carbonara-style. I also sprinkled in a bit of nutritional yeast for a hint of my beloved cheese. My photo of dinner didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, so I’ll spare you the visual. Suffice to say, it was quick, easy and delicious.


Check out other options on their site!


Instead of my usual glass of red wine, I went with a hot mug of red tea. I figured I can probably use all the help I can get in the detoxing department, so I reached for The Republic of Tea’s Be Well Red Tea – Get Clean. It’s tasty, caffeine free, and was almost as enjoyable as my other red beverage of choice while relaxing before bed. Almost.

The picture will take you to the Republic of Tea website if you would like to pick some up for yourself – but I actually found mine at World Market. I’ve seen it at Whole Foods and on Amazon also!

Day 1 Verdict

Piece of paleo cake … if that wouldn’t land me in SWYPO territory.

How was your Day 1??

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    Congratulations on Whole30-ing! I’m doing a Whole30 right now, too… gotta clean up my act after our move to Vermont. I love the name of your blog, but I really must request that you take the Oxford comma seriously. The world needs the Oxford comma. Thanks for the shout-out to my mayo recipe!

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      Melissa! Wow, thank you so much for visiting! :) Your books were the first paleo books I bought and are the most used of my now out-of-control collection. Hope you are loving Vermont, I spent a visit outside Woodstock and it was a great time – I’m not sure how may pounds of cherries we picked that summer! Regarding the Oxford Comma … I use it on occasion but I just can’t commit to it fully. Maybe you can change my mind like you did with your food, lol.


        Woodstock is such a sweet little town! There’s a farm-to-table restaurant called Worthy Kitchen there that we love. I’m going to have to insist you keep working on the Oxford comma, but I understand it could be an acquired taste ;-)

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