Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 10 & 11 Rewind

The Mental & the Physical

Days 10 and 11: The Hardest Days.

It’s actually kind of fun analyzing how I felt on Days 10 and 11 and then going back to the timeline to see what the general Whole30 consensus about those days are. At this point most people are trying to reconcile their pre-Whole30 eating habits and their day-to-day lives with sticking to the Whole30 plan for 30 days. Maybe because this is the fifth time (or possibly 6th… but I don’t like to brag) I’ve done a Whole30 challenge, I’m not having the same issues.

I already know what to expect and have some practice at tailoring my life to fit around what I shove into my mouth. I’m not finding it as big of a challenge to avoid the 6 deadly sins (grains, diary, legumes, soy, sugar, and alcohol). In fact Dorothy and I were talking the other night about how we weren’t missing wine nearly as much as we had in the past. In fact the only times I’ve really wanted to drink is while John’s been out of town and I’m home alone watching trashy TV. Cause drinking in your home alone isn’t suspect at all. Even the pull of drinking Malbec when NO ONE WOULD KNOW wasn’t enough for me to pop the cork. Go me. *happy dance*

Yep. I’ve been the picture of good choices and resolve until… it came time to pick up John from the airport on Day 11. I wanted to do something special for him since he’s been out of town for a week in Nashville and Orlando. It’s been really rough on him. Poor thing. Not.

Guys just don’t appreciate “welcome home” flowers as much as girls do and frankly showing up at the airport with a trench coat on in 90 degree weather didn’t sound fun either. Especially since we were going out to dinner afterward. What to do? What to do? I decided on a balloon and a bottle of liquor. Those are guy friendly things right?

At the party store, I stood in line while the woman in front of me purchased 1,353,257,094 things for her 6 year old’s birthday party. And she priced checked every other item. So there I was standing in line with my one balloon for 15 minutes surrounded by every type of candy you could imagine. I swear to god I have developed a bionic nose because I could smell the sweet sweet sugar through layers of plastic wrapping. At the ABC store it got a little better because it’s harder to smell alcohol through glass (there was a distinct whiff in the air), but it wasn’t easy walking up and down the aisles trying to find something interesting for him. Even when John wanted to do a celebratory shot of the whiskey barrel aged tequila I bought him I stayed strong and resisted.

day 11 welcome home

I think I’ll mark these two days in the victory column.


Day 10 Breakfast – It wasn’t too bad. Leftover quiche, leftover Greek burger, and some delicious peaches and figs. I have officially hit my egg wall. No more eggs until further notice. In fact I threw out the remaining servings of quiche. It’s not that they weren’t delicious. It’s that I’m weird about eggs.

day 10 breakfast

Day 10 Lunch – I made a marinated zucchini noodle dish from the Slim Palate cookbook to go along with my leftover Greek burgers. They were delicious. Seriously if you haven’t already picked up the Slim Palate cookbook, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

day 10 lunch

Day 10 Dinner – DOH! Dorothy and I met Lauren after Zumba for dinner at a local joint. In my haste to get food into my belly, I blanked on taking a picture so you’ll have to use your imagination. I ended up with grilled chicken, potatoes, and coleslaw. It was delicious.

Day 11 Breakfast – Ok this is going to sound really weird but I swear sometimes the coolest recipes come from standing in your kitchen looking at random things going “hey I think I’ll put these together.” Which is how I ended up with a ground pork and peach breakfast dish. I know what you’re thinking… peaches in pork? It was delightful. I actually had to force myself to put the rest away for the next day.

day 11 breakfast

Day 11 Lunch – I finished up the last of the lettuce and tomato, the Greek burgers and sauce, and added some fresh figs and sweet potato chips to round things out. So basically we have another plate of leftovers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you a few days about leftovers.

day 11 lunch

Day 11 Dinner – DOH! X 2! Oops I did it again. In my excitement of picking up John from the airport and getting to the restaurant, I totally forgot to take a picture of my dinner while he was telling me all the fun things he did on his trip. For dinner I had a ribeye, some turnip greens, green beans, and a baked potato. The plate was really pretty but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Body moving!

Day 10 – Wow… that was an intense, long day. At the end of it I had racked up 16,167 steps between running that morning, Zumba that night, and all the walking in between cleaning the house. That meant I burned 2,776 calories for the day according to my fitbit. Hot damn.

Day 11 – This ended up being an impromptu rest day. I was totally going to go to Body Pump or Zumba but ended up getting John’s welcome home gifts instead. Life sometimes takes precedence. Besides, the previous day was so jam packed with exercise that I could use a rest day. So 3,024 steps it is. I’ll take it.

Day 12 is coming it hot!

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