Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 2 Rewind

A couple weeks ago Dorothy told me about a small business seminar given by femworking. I knew it was something worthwhile to attend but man, it was in DC! As a suburbanite, the thought of going into the city during rush-hour makes me exhausted just thinking about it. Don’t even get me started on trying to maneuver through crowds crossing the streets, bicyclists with attitudes, and finding (and paying for!) parking. Not to mention the worst part… it was being held during dinner time on Day 2! At the beginning of the Whole30, regularly scheduled mealtimes with compliant foods become very important because you can’t just stop wherever is convenient and shove something random in your mouth.

So how to deal?  I did what any social media chick would do… ask people on Facebook.

Andrea suggested:

You can do it! Try to eat something before you go. Or bring a snack with you. Or else just go hungry – it’s OK to be hungry for a little bit. It’s actually a good thing to feel hunger and really recognize how it feels. You can turn it into an experiment!

Lauren said:

Hard boiled eggs before the meeting.

Chawn chimed in with:

Water…drink lots of water.

GREAT responses Ladies.  I took all of your advice to heart and drank lots of water before and during the seminar.  I also ate a pear before leaving the office and carried some emergency almonds in my purse.  While I was hungry, I didn’t hit my almond stash and I didn’t die from it like previously feared.  No joking… I did really appreciate dinner afterward.  So just because life interferes with your normal mealtimes, don’t use it as an excuse to hit the vending machine or not go participate in activities.

The Mental & the Physical

Days 2: The Hangover

Another day down, 28 more to go.  I still feel bright eyed and bushy tailed so maybe the “so what’s the big deal” from Day 1 is spreading to Day 2.  Which is fine by me.  So no headaches, fatigue, and general malaise to report.  I’m hoping that will stay at bay permanently or at least not be as severe as in the past.  I would prefer to skip the hangover stage altogether if my body will allow it.


Breakfast started with egg salad again over spinach and dried apple chips from Costco.  Have you ever experimented with different eggs?  You know regular eggs vs cage free vs organic and all that jazz.  In a blind taste test I can tell without a doubt what is an average egg vs the richer, creamier taste of a free range egg.  Not to mention the free range eggs have a pretty bright orange yoke that regular eggs can’t compete with.


Day 2 Breakfast


For lunch I made a Frankenstein salad.  What does that mean?  Well I repurposed the steak from Outback’s Day 1 dinner and brought it to work along with a baggie of salad greens and a quick vinaigrette.  Then I ran down to the cafeteria at lunch and got more salad “toppings.”  My plan would have worked beautifully if it wasn’t for our terrible cafeteria.  The carrots I got that looked pretty were actually rotten.  Along with some of the tomatoes.  Do you know how hard it is to pick off carrot shavings?  Further proof that the cafeteria at work cannot be trusted and I should just bring everything from home.

Oh!  The quick vinaigrette… that was the best part.  Generally speaking when I eat salad out, I only use vinegar.  Most salad dressings are suspect and the oils are rancid.  Vinegars are usually a safe bet.  If I have 30 seconds before work in the morning, I’ll make a quick vinaigrettefor my lunch.  In a small container I throw in a little olive oil and vinegar, a dash of mustard, salt, pepper and whatever herbs I feel like.  Today’s choice was Herbs de Provence.  Give it a little shake and it’s better than pre-made salad dressings.

Day 2 Lunch


Before I left work, I chowed down on this little gem to help tie me over through the seminar that evening.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a pear.  I don’t know why because they are delicious.

Day 2 Snack


You know the hardest part about eating now?  Remembering to take pictures.  By the time Dorothy and I got out of our seminar, we headed next door to Nando’s Peri Peri for dinner because we were STARViNG.  Nando’s is new to me but Dorothy is an old pro from our last Whole30s.  Use your imagination to picture a flame grilled chicken breast covered in hot sauce and topped with a slice of grilled pineapple, the cucumber and pickled onion salad sans poppy seed dressing and delicious olives.  We seriously cleaned up every drop of food on our plates.  And even though we ate everything, we both commented on our trek back to the Metro station that we felt happy and satisfied, not full, heavy and sleepy.  Proof enough that what you eat really does affect your mood and physical wellbeing.

Body moving!

Guess who forgot their Fitbit at home?  This girl!  Yesterday was my rest day so no gym classes or running (a girl’s gotta heal).  I did do a lot of walking though between going to work and our after work adventure.  I’d estimate it was about 2.5 miles.  Good enough.

Let’s go Day 3!  Preferably without the headache!

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