Proof you can finish a 5k without zombies chasing you!

Who knew it was possible?!?  Go Honey Badgers! Go!

While the better half of PiP was in Chicago enjoying a well-deserved birthday weekend with her boyfriend, I participated in the long awaited LoziLu 5k Mud Run.  I’d been prepping for it for it for about two months, but quite honestly up until halfway through the actual race, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to complete it.  Having never run a 5k and unable to run more than 100 feet at a time just 8 weeks earlier, a 5k with 13-14 obstacles seemed like a daunting task.  But Team Honey Badgers did it!




The LoziLu 5k Mud Run is a race designed for the average woman.  You don’t need to be an avid exerciser or CrossFit beast to compete.  Since it’s meant to be all about having a fun time with your girls, the 13-14 obstacles have girlie themes.  Wanna know what you’re in for if you sign up?  Here’s the highlight reel:

After the initial low crawl through a mud pit, we went through the Bad Hair Day.  Notice you can still see a lot of the pink camo in our shirts.  This changes as the day goes on…

Bad Hair Day


Even standing in line, we were having a good time.



One of the most difficult obstacles was the Fish Nets.  Even on the approach it didn’t look so hard.  While we were standing in line, we were talking about how “we had this” and practiced the potential poses we were going to do at the top.  I have to say even though I conquered this obstacle like a champ, it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  For one thing it kind of wobbles at the top so our muscle-man poses were short-lived because you thought any second you were going to plummet to the ground.  No one likes a splattered Honey Badger, so we scrambled over as quickly as we could.




That may look like an innocent blue slide in the background, and we all may be wearing big silly smiles, but the Fun House was hard!  On the back you had to deal with slick semi-stairs and use a rope to pull yourself up.  Then you had to sit at the top before going down the slide which looked like a 90 degree drop from that angle.  On the descent we all held hands and screamed like school girls before we splashed into a pool of muddy water.  I’m pretty sure I took a thigh to the face but I came away unscathed.




Even though it was a little touch and go at times, we made it together as a team!



So how did it go?

Better than I hoped!  Whether you’re doing the Whole30 or training for a new fitness challenge, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it.  When I signed up to do this run, I knew I couldn’t do it cold turkey.  All the pre-run training I did was so I didn’t look like a complete fool on the day of the run.  Even still I couldn’t run the whole thing nor would I have wanted to.  We did this as a team with the understanding that no Honey Badger would be left behind.  So sometimes I walked for my friends and sometimes they walked for me.  In the end we all crossed the finish line and walked the “mud” carpet together.


If there’s another one next year, I’m definitely going to get dirty again with my Honey Badgers.

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