Jeanie’s Whole30 Day 1 Rewind

Dorothy and I are going to do things a little differently this goaround on the Whole30.  We’re going to give you as much information as possible about our experiences so you get a feel for what a day-by-day reallife Whole30 looks like. I predict there’s going to be a lot of awesomeness, quite a few triumphs, some feel-good moments, a little bit of complaining and maybe some whining.  Consider it a full access pass to our lives.

The Mental & the Physical

 Day 1: So what’s the big deal.

The Whole30 timeline really gets Day 1 right.  This will be my fifth Whole30 so by now I should have this down pat.  I don’t need to read the forums and find out what’s allowed and what isn’t.  I’ve read most of the testimonials and got super excited about the results I hope to achieve.  I’m ready to feel better after I eat instead of rundown and sluggish.  And most of all, I’ve accepted the concept of food as fuel, not food for fun.

Yes, yes I know all these things but it’s kind of like finding out spoilers for your favorite show (damn you Jimmy Fallon for telling us what happened to Alcide on True Blood).  That glowing excitement I feel on Day 1 will give way to headaches and fatigue at some point this week.  I KNOW it’s coming and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I only hope this go around the headaches won’t be too severe since I’ve been eating mostly clean up until this point with the exception of the burger, Jim Beam, wine, and pasta binge this past weekend.  Don’t judge me!

So for today I’m going to enjoy the “I can do this!” feeling and try not to think about the future.


Breakfast started out strong with egg salad over baby spinach with a side of strawberries and peaches.  I work in a cube farm and it’s amazing how many people came by and paid me compliments.  Or maybe they were just impressed I was eating with real silverware and plates in the office.  You gotta admit though… my breakfast looks better than the package of doughnuts from the vending machine.

Day 1 - Breakfast


I immediately started noticing a difference in how much longer I was full from my breakfast compared to normal.  By the time lunch rolled around, I wasn’t even hungry.  By 1:30pm I had to force myself to eat lunch while perusing the new Slim Palate cookbook for recipes to make later this week.   I was feeling lazy that morning so for lunch I packed two Applegate hot dogs with some leftover spinach and sweet potatoes.  P.S. Most store bought mustards are Whole30 friendly.




I’m not even going to lie that between lunch and dinner I felt like I NEEDED something from the vending machine. I read somewhere that you could gauge whether you’re truly hungry by whether or not you could eat a a plate of broiled fish and steamed vegetables. While I do like me some fish and veggies, I didn’t want it right then so I knew it was just a craving vs. actual hunger. It’s not even like I get things out of the vending machine that much. Maybe it was more the idea that I couldn’t and that made it more appealing? Cravings are stupid. They need to go away.

It’s amazing how life can interfere with all the prepping and planning you do.  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.  We have a house full of food and I picked out an awesome recipe for dinner after Zumba but did I make it?  Nope.  See the day before we stopped on a whim at a furniture store.  We decided to pull the trigger and buy some new things and as luck would have it, if we didn’t do it RIGHT THEN, we wouldn’t be able to for two weeks.  Long after the sale was over.  So of course we ran out of the house without a care in the world as to what was going to fill our bellies later.

The good news is in 6-8 weeks we’ll have some very cool new furniture.  The bad news is by the time we were done with the purchasing process, it was 8:30pm and we were far from home.  Making dinner at this point was out of the question.  We sat in the parking lot and brainstormed the possibilities of Whole30 friendly restaurants in the area.

We finally ended up at Outback Steakhouse.  Not my favorite choice but we needed fuel cause we were running on fumes.  I ended up with a house salad to start – no croutons or cheese, and I used vinegar, salt and pepper as my dressing.  The main course was a steak and baked sweet potato.  I requested real butter (it’s a shame you need to specify real butter versus margarine) and cinnamon.  I know ghee is acceptable but butter isn’t on the Whole30 and I don’t care.  If you consider this cheating, I also don’t care.  Butter is considered paleo and with some very few exceptions like when we’re at a restaurant, I use the best butter money can buy.

Day 1 - Dinner



Body moving!

My goal is to get between 7k and 10k steps in a day.  On Day 1 I got just over 10,600.  Even though I was still recovering from the run over the weekend, I still did the Week 6, Day 2 Couch to 5k workout before heading into the office.  After work I met Dorothy at our gym for the Body Pump class.  I can actually tell the running/cardio is paying off because during Body Pump I didn’t want to die from being out of breath.  Hooray for progress!

Bring on Day 2!

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