*zzz* … five more minutes!

We’ll be ready soon, I swear. This whole coding and editing CSS thing isn’t coming as naturally as it used to – so sorry if the look isn’t what you were expecting after such a long hiatus. I figure, why deny you the privilege of new content just because I can’t get my aesthetic act together? I was honestly shocked (and might I add pleased) to hear that we were missed by quite a few folks while the site was under construction a little longer than anticipated. Go us!

You see that little beauty of a sketch there in the new sidebar? That’s our paleo princess sketched up by my sister Chelsea Mar. More info on her to follow as she wraps up the final version of our inspirational illustration … and there might be something in it for you.

Thanks for checking in – don’t think we checked out!

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Book hoarder. Red lipstick aficionado. Compulsive shopper. Crazy cat lady. Adores alliteration; couldn't give a @$%& about an Oxford Comma.

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    Thanks, Bree!!! Chelsea blows my mind – I told her what I wanted and she surpassed all expectations. Again. I think my favorite part is the little bone headband, but it’s barely visible in the sketch version. ;) We’ll get there – slowly but surely!

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Anyone ... anyone?